Upcoming Kennedy Center events to look forward to


The Kennedy Center is promoting and hosting several events with guest speakers on religion, technology, politics and much more starting Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016. Students can stop by the David M. Kennedy Center or visit their website to find out more information. These are some of the main events:

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Event flyer from the David M. Kennedy Center website
The event flyer for the Faith vs. Fear event. (David M. Kennedy Center website)

Faith vs. Fear

President and founder of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, Douglas M. Johnston, will be speaking at the Hinckley Center at 7 p.m. about defending religious extremism.

Wednesday, Feb. 24

U.S.–India Relations

Alyssa Ayres is an expert on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Asia. She is working on Council of Foreign Relations projects that mostly deal with India and its relations with the rest of the world. She will be in the HRCB room 257 at 10 a.m.

Sovereignty in the Cyber Age

The event flyer for the Sovereignty in the Cyber age event. (David M. Kennedy Center website)

Robert S. Taylor, who is acting as general counsel for the Department of Defense, will speak on the partnership between the U.S. and Non-State Actors (NSA). Legal and policy challenges will be discussed along with the support the NSA provided in domestic and international law. He will speak in room 238 at the HRCB at noon.

Washington Seminar

In room 238 at the HRCB at 5 p.m., Lisa Peck, internship coordinator, will teach students how to find and apply for the right internship.


Thursday, Feb. 25

From Revolution to Independence

University of Buenos Aires history professor Gabriel Di Meglio will visit the HBLL auditorium at 11 a.m. to discuss the 200th independence anniversary for Argentina. He will discuss the country’s history of revolution and other topics that tie into its political policies.

The event flyer for the street food in world history event. (David M. Kennedy Center website)

Street food in world history 

Jeffrey Pilcher, a food history professor at the University of Toronto–Scarborough, will discuss the history of street food found in different countries and the impacts these food businesses had in their cities. He will speak in room 238 at the HRCB at 4 p.m. 

Friday, Feb. 26

Ngoma y’Africa

At the WSC terrace at 11:30 a.m., an African cultural group named Ngoma y’Africa, will perform African dancing and drumming to promote the African studies minor.

Following the money

IRS special agent Benjamin Wright will be in room 238 at the HRCB at noon to discuss the
“journey in white collar crime,” money laundering, tax fraud and other experiences he has come across within the past six years in his profession.

Hunger Banquet 

Friday at 6 p.m. in the WSC ballroom, several BYU organizations are uniting to hold their annual Hunger Banquet to help support awareness about global poverty and wealth inequality. Tickets are $8 if purchased in advance or $10 at the door. For more information on the banquet visit hungerbanquet.byu.edu 

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