Police Beat Jan. 30-Feb. 5




Feb. 5 — A student employee was supervising an intramural basketball game and informed a student that his clothing was not approved at BYU. A week later the employee was walking past the RB and the student was standing with a group of friends. One of the friends called out and pointed to the employee and said, “This guy’s a sinner what’cha going to do about it?”

Property Damage

Feb. 4 — Damage was done to a door latch at the Smithfield house. The University Police believe it was caused by a prying tool, but there was no indication of an illegal entry or burglary.


Jan. 30- Feb. 1— A ping pong table was stolen from the Wilkinson Student Center game center in the basement by the Wall. The value of the table is estimated at $1,500. It was later discovered in a different location of the Wilkinson Student Center.

Feb. 3— A bike, left unlocked at the bike racks by the Clyde Building from 9:20 a.m. to 3:52 p.m., was stolen. The cost of the bike is estimated at $240.

Feb. 2 — A student reported a $100 bike stolen in late January from Hinckley Hall in Helaman Halls.

Feb. 2 — A bike was stolen sometime in-between Dec. 1, 2015 and Jan. 31. It is estimated to cost $150.

Computer Crime

Feb. 3 — A professor reported a pop-up screen indicating to call a number because there was something wrong with his computer. He called the number, but only gave his name and email address before hanging up.


Feb. 2 — A female student received two texts from an unknown Washington number. The first had a ‘flipping off emoji’ and the second had a gun point at a head emoji.


Jan. 30 — An adult male spectator at the BYU basketball game, cheering for the opposing team, got upset with the student section and entered the area threatening students and grabbing one by the throat. Although the University Police intervened, the man was non-compliant and was arrested. He was cited with simple assault and disorderly conduct but was not booked into jail. Other charges are pending.

Domestic Violence

Jan. 30 — Two individuals at the MTC got into a fight, resulting in minor injuries to both. Their injuries were treated, they were released, separated and advised to have no further contact with each other. It was classified as domestic violence because they shared a living area.


Feb. 3— Property was stolen from a car at the 800 N. 160 West St. in Provo.


Disturbing the Peace

Feb. 1— Orem Police Officers responded to a report of a loud house party and the homeowner told police she would keep the noise down. Later, police received a report of a fight at the same house. When police approached everyone ran inside and the homeowner, who was intoxicated, refused to sign the ticket the police were giving her. According to Orem Police Facebook Page “To show her displeasure, she pull(ed) down her pants and (went) to the bathroom in the middle of the street.” The homeowner was arrested.

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