Students find five seconds of fame on ‘Our Campus’ Snapchat story

Jordan Tanner has been published on the BYU Campus Story 17 times. The BYU Campus Story has become a popular feature among students. (Ari Davis)

The Snapchat feature called “Our Campus Story” is creating a buzz. The Campus Story allows students to post content to a public feed seen by other students on campus.

Snapchat is a video messaging app that allows users to send snaps (pictures or videos) to friends or a public social stream called a “story.” A “story” is a set of pictures or video compiled to create a public narrative that lasts for 24 hours.

Snapchat defines the Campus Story as a specialty story for specific campuses around the nation. People who are on or around campus can view and post to the community Campus Story.

An article from USA Today said BYU isn’t the only campus raging about the new trend. The article highlights three other college campuses impacted by the Campus Story feature.

Marry Ritti, Snapchat’s vice president of communications, said in the article that she thinks the university “Our Story” is a good way for students to share their campus culture.

“When we created ‘Our Story’ it was really about a community perspective and what’s the best way for a university community to share what’s happening on campus,” Ritti said.

BYU sophomore Jordan Tanner has been featured on the BYU Campus Story 17 times. Tanner said his success doesn’t come from knowing the person in charge — although many accuse him of that.

“I just keep up on the trends, know the pattern of what time they update it and just post dumb stuff that you wouldn’t think would make it on the story,” Tanner said.

One thing students want to know is who curates “Our Campus Story.”

What those people don’t know is the “person” choosing the content isn’t just another BYU student. Snapchat actually has an entire team of content analysts in New York and California that filter the content, according to

George Choi, a BYU sophomore studying finance, said this past week was his first time being highlighted on the Campus Story and said it felt like it was almost like a claim to fame.

“All of my friends were texting me and telling me they saw me on there,” Choi said. “I felt pretty cool, but everyone made a big deal about it and told me it was like a major achievement.”

Aimee Myers, a senior studying exercise and wellness at BYU, said she thinks it’s hilarious how much people go out of their way to try to get chosen on the Campus Story.

“I’ve been on the Campus Story five times now and I think it’s because I just post things that I am actually doing in the moment,” Myers said.

Some professors like Robbie Chaney, a health science professor, said they don’t understand the entertainment factor behind the Campus Story but see how it could be useful.

“I think it could be valuable if it’s used to bring people together, raise real issues on campus or share events that are happening,” Chaney said.

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