Police Beat Jan. 22-29




Jan. 25 — A person reported a $150 bike being stolen from the Joseph F. Smith Building north bike rack sometime between noon on Jan. 24 and 5 p.m. on Jan. 25.

Jan. 26 — A male student reported his car as stolen from the parking lot north of the Marriott Center, but while talking to a police officer realized he might have parked it in the lot east of Brick Oven. He found his car there.

Jan. 28 — After a basketball game, a person returned to their car to find that someone siphoned all the gas.

Computer Crime

Jan. 28 — A female student had a pop-up screen on her computer saying she had a virus. She called the number on the pop-up notification and ended up giving the person her Apple password, debit card number, computer ID and password, and possibly other passwords. “It’s a scam,” said University Police. “We will see where it goes from here.”


Jan. 22 — A female student told University Police that a man who she was going to testify against in court for sexual assault approached her at work in the Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center. She said he grabbed her and threatened to kill her.

Jan. 24 — A BYU student, currently living in Texas, received a Snapchat from a school acquaintance with a cartoon gun captioned with the words “don’t go to school tomorrow.” The student could not remember the last name of the acquaintance and was not sure if he gave the police the correct first name. The University Police took no action.


Jan. 23 — A BYU student was contacted by a woman looking for a babysitter. The woman said she found the student’s profile on Care.com. The student asked for pictures of the children she was asked to babysit and recognized the images from TV shows. The woman also mailed the student a check for $1,970, sent from a rehabilitation center in Virginia. The student stopped contact with the woman.


Jan. 29 — A man was driving under the influence and raced another car. According to the Orem Police Department, the man celebrated his win by spinning some donuts in a parking lot. The driver was arrested and his car was impounded.



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