“Voices of Courage” campaign fights violence against women



Participants hold signs stating last year’s “Voices of Courage” campaign themes after completing a hike. (Tiffany Turley)

Madison Fullmer, a sophomore at BYU, said she believes people should never be afraid to speak out against violence towards women. Fullmer is the campaign coordinator for this year’s “Voices of Courage” campaign, conducted by Women’s Services, an organization designed to aid and serve women.

“The goal of this campaign is that the very least, people are aware. Sometimes people don’t feel they can be open about this kind of thing if it’s happened to them,” Fullmer said.

She said Voices of Courage is meant to help those who have been at the receiving end of violence.

“Our goal is that if it happens to you, you can get the help you need. It’s not a sin to be abused or assaulted,” Fullmer said. “People need to be aware and know it’s okay to stand up for yourself or someone else who’s gone through this.”

Running from Jan. 30 until Feb. 6, this year’s campaign promises many activities and programs including an art show, panel discussion, self defense workshop, service project and more.

Manager of Women’s Resources, Tiffany Turley, said she hopes students will attend the scheduled events and really connect with the campaign. Her favorite event is the art exhibit, which features the theme, “Reflections of Courage.”

Picture of participants from an event during last year’s “Voices of Courage” campaign. (Tiffany Turley)

“Students submit pieces of art on the topic of courage and these are all displayed in a nice, evening event at the Hinckley Center, complete with a dessert bar and jazz band,” Turley said. “It’s definitely a big highlight and probably my favorite campaign event because through the amazing pieces of art, you can see the courage and strength that the students of BYU have.”

Voices of Courage is designed to engage men and women as allies in creating a culture of respect and non-violence, according to Turley.  She said this campaign has been done in previous years at BYU, and has received positive feedback from students.

Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator, Sarah Westerberg, said she particularly enjoyed the 5K run done in previous years, and has worked closely with Turley on the project this year. Westerberg said the art exhibit has been excellent in the past as well.

One theme for the Voices of Courage campaign, according to Turley, is a quote by Brene Brown, “Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.”

Turley said she hopes students will get involved and enjoy participating in this campaign by recognizing how being courageous and standing up against these issues will make BYU a safer, braver place.

For more information about Voices of Courage and upcoming campaigns and events offered through Women’s Services, go to 3326 in the Wilkinson Center.

Voices of Courage schedule of events. For more information, go to the Women’s Services office in room 3326 located in the WSC. (Tiffany Turley)


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