Police Beat Jan. 15 – Jan. 22




Jan. 22 — Two construction vehicles, parked in two different locations, had construction tools stolen from them. The first had a $1,800 Spinner laser level stolen and the second had a $1,800 Solo chop saw.

Jan. 21—An $800 receiving unit, owned by BYU, was stolen out of a music room at the HFAC. It had been missing since Jan. 19.


Jan. 21— A person called in saying they could smell marijuana around Helaman Halls, but when officers arrived they could not detect anything in the air.

Warrant Service

Jan. 16 — A male and female left the HBLL after hours and were stopped by security. Due to protocol the security personal ran the IDs of both students. The male, a 22-year-old BYU student, had two active warrants. One warrant was from Idaho for possession with intent to distribute a controlled substances. The other was from Provo for a minor with possession of alcohol. He was booked into Utah County Jail and released on Jan. 22.


Jan. 22 — A wild moose was wondering around the Riverwoods businesses. The moose lay down in front of one businesses and the Provo Police set up a safety perimeter around it. The Department of Wildlife Resources was alerted. They used a tranquilizer to subdue the moose and, with the help of Provo officers, loaded the moose onto a trailer to be delivered back into the wild.


Jan. 19 — A couple helped an elderly lady take her groceries into her home, and then stole $200 from her.



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