Police Beat Jan. 8-15



Car Accidents

Jan. 15—At least two snowplows hit parked cars as they were cleaning parking lots after the overnight snow. No one was injured and minor damages were found on all four vehicles.

Parking Problem

Jan. 8—A man parked his car six inches away from a neighboring car making it impossible for the woman driving the neighboring car to get out of the stall. The man was found and asked to re-park his car. He received a citation.


Jan. 15—Starting on Jan.14 an unknown person began a group text with two male students using a recently created free Google Voice number. The person said “unkind things” about the two students and identified them by name and the locations they had been at through out the day. University Police are investigating this incident.


Jan. 11—A male student reported his laptop stolen after he left it unattended on Jan. 7. The student had gone to speak with a professor after class. When he returned to his personal items his $1,200 Macbook Pro was missing. He assumed it would be brought to the lost and found.

Jan. 9—A student reported a 30-speed mountain bike stolen from the bike racks in between Heritage Halls Buildings 7 and 9. The bike was a prototype from China and cost between $3,000 and $4,000. The combination chain lock was cut and left on the ground.


Jan. 14—A person wearing dark clothing was seen testing the doors for the Wymount Terrace Multi-Purpose Building. When officers arrived they found the person was a BYU housing employee making sure the doors were locked.

Animal Problem

Jan. 15—A deer’s leg got caught at the top of the MTC east fence. When University police arrived the deer was almost upside down and would not survive the severe compound fracture of its leg. One of the officers shot the dear and then they removed it from the fence and covered it with plastic. The officers notified animal control to pick it up.


Jan. 12—An officer stopped a speeding vehicle and discovered the driver had a long-term ban from BYU. The person was given a citation.

Jan. 9—A former BYU football player and his wife stepped on the the LaVell Edwards Football Stadium field to take a few pictures. Officers responded as the couple was leaving and informed them that they were trespassing. They received a warning and left the stadium.

Found Property

Jan. 11—A cart was left outside the Wilkinson Student Center. Officers examined the cart and it had the name of a person attached to it and items the officers thought could be found in a homeless person’s possession. After searching the first three floors of the building, the owner of the cart was not located.


Missing Person

Jan. 13 — A 10-year-old girl went missing after school and was found early in the morning the following day.


Jan. 14— At Wal-Mart a man was questioned after trying to pay for his purchases with a fake $100 bill. Orem Police detectives are following up on the case.

Jan. 12 — Two homes around 600 West and 100 North were burglarized. The Orem Police stated on their Facebook page that a man forced his way into both homes; one home was occupied and people saw the burglar.

Jan. 6— Orem Police posted on Facebook a video showing the end of a car chase and investigation. Two officers cornered a man inside his car. The man was carrying a handgun and policed tazed him twice to prevent him from shooting it. The man was booked into jail and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, evading and resisting arrest, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of a stolen firearm, aggravated assault, criminal mischief and possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.




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