Lindsey Stirling discusses faith as an extension of her music


Lindsey Stirling, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a renowned performing artist, discussed her music as an extension of her faith during an interview with Huffington Post.

Lindsey Stirling and her sister Brooke Passey discuss their book “The Only Pirate At The Party” during an interview with Huffington Post. (Screenshot)

The violinist was joined by her sister Brooke Passey as they discussed their new book, “The Only Pirate At The Party” and her journey to success on Huffington Post Live on Tuesday, Jan. 12. A portion of her interview focusing on her LDS faith was published on Thursday.

Although the electronic musician started her career without apparently relating beliefs on her YouTube channel, she quickly opened up about her faith and association with the LDS Church.

Stirling identified that her faith is a “staple of life,” even though it often causes a “huge divide” amongst fans.

“It’s a huge part of what’s made me into the person I am, it’s the foundation of what our family was built on,” she said in the interview.

Stirling explained that her instrumental music is an extension of her faith. She even said that she feels a “very spiritual connection” when writing her music.

“I pray really hard, and I ask for inspiration because I believe that these musical notes and these ideas and melodies, they’re not coming from just my head…I know they come from somewhere else,” Stirling said.

At the end of the day, Stirling attributes her gift to God.

“God gave me this gift, and I’m able to be His instrument as I play, so in a huge way it’s my faith coming out of me,” she said.

Watch the full interview with Stirling and Passey here. 

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