Provo City Center Temple: major moments in construction

Elliott Miller
The Provo City Center Temple open house begins Fri., Jan. 15, and continues until Sat., March 5. The dedication will occur Sun., March 20. (Elliott Miller)

The Provo City Center Temple is only days from its open house and weeks from its dedication as the 150th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Universe presents some of the most important moments in its transformation from tabernacle to temple.

Dec. 17, 2010: “Fire damages historic Provo tabernacle”
July 31, 2011: “Future of Provo Tabernacle still unknown”
Sept. 7, 2011: “LDS Church purchases businesses next to damaged Provo Tabernacle”
Oct. 1, 2011: “Second Provo temple to be built”
Oct. 2, 2011: “Provo Tabernacle to be restored as LDS temple
Oct. 17, 2011: “New Provo temple expected to boost downtown business
Oct. 17, 2011: “Transforming tabernacle into temple creates challenges
May 8, 2012: “Provo City Center Temple’s future evokes memories of tabernacle’s past
May 8, 2012: “Community remembers the Provo Tabernacle”
May 12, 2012: “Provo City Center groundbreaking: ‘A wonderful day for BYU'”
Nov. 19, 2012: “Font uncovered in excavation of Provo tabernacle”
Feb. 19, 2013: “Designs for the Provo City Center Temple released”
March 27, 2013: “3D rendering of the Provo City Center Temple”
April 23, 2013: “Provo City Center Temple standing on stilts during construction”
May 2, 2013: “Building the Provo City Center Temple”
June 28, 2013: “Provo residents looking forward to the Provo City Center Temple”
Aug. 20, 2014: “The Provo City Center Temple progressing
Nov. 19, 2014: “Technology behind transforming a tabernacle to a temple”
June 10, 2015: “Open house announced for Provo City Center Temple”
June 29, 2015: “LDS Church announces dates for Provo City Center dedication
July 20, 2015: “Temple to Temple: a special 5K
Nov. 13, 2015: “Provo City Center Temple is raised and ready
Nov. 18, 2015: “Downtown Provo prepares for new temple”
Nov. 23, 2015: “Provo native prepares for mission by working on Provo City Center Temple grounds”
Dec. 1, 2015: “Provo City approves funds for downtown improvements
Jan. 11, 2016: “From tabernacle to temple: the transformation of Provo’s timeless epicenter”
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