BYU Vocal Point kicks off the new year with two home concerts

Ari Davis
BYU Vocal Point begins the new year with two on-campus concerts in the de Jong Concert Hall. Tickets were sold out prior to both performances. (Ari Davis)

BYU Vocal Point started off 2016 by performing two on-campus concerts at the de Jong Concert Hall on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016. Tickets to both the matinee and evening performances sold out prior to the events.

Vocal Point’s artistic director McKay Crockett said the group always looks forward to performing at BYU.

“We are so excited to perform on campus,” Crockett said. “Our favorite performances are definitely when we are at home.”

Logan Shelton, a tenor for Vocal Point, said the group goes on stage with goals of what they want to accomplish and how they want to make their audience feel.

“We like to take our audience on an adventure and make them feel different emotions at different times,” Shelton said.

Saturday’s repertoire included a variety of songs, both upbeat and spiritual.

The group’s performance at the de Jong Concert Hall started with a “Stomp Introduction,” in which members of Vocal Point combined different rhythms by stomping their feet and clapping their hands. The concerts included two new songs, “If I Lose Myself” and “Some Kind of Wonderful.”  Vocal Point also performed a new “Impressions” song, in which Singers Devin Flake and Adam Heimbigner sang “L-O-V-E,” impersonating the voices of popular singers and actors as their pictures appeared on a projector screen.

Carl Prince, a bass singer for Vocal Point, said performing with the group was a blast.

Shelton and Prince are two of three new singers on Vocal Point this year, also including Spencer Myler.

“New members and new music always bring a unique twist to our shows,” Crockett said.

Ari Davis
Bryce Romney, a baritone for BYU Vocal Point, sings a solo at the matinee performance in the de Jong Concert Hall. Romney has been singing for Vocal Point since 2012. (Ari Davis)

Bryce Romney, a baritone who has performed with Vocal Point since 2012, said the musicality of this year’s group is the best of any of the groups he has performed with.

“The group that’s here is really good at staying in tune, at dynamics, at getting the right energy of the song,” Romney said. “I think we’d make the school of music proud.”

The group encouraged the audience members to take pictures of the performance and share them on social media during the concert.

“We’re working on increasing our outreach through social media because we feel that it will allow us to spread our message to a lot more people a lot more quickly,” Prince said.

Vocal Point has also tried to expand its outreach by creating music videos. Romney said the group created more music videos last semester than in any other semester with the release of five new music videos.  The new music videos featured four Christmas songs, including a cover of “Christmas Eve/Saravejo 12/24” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

“We’re focusing on those videos so we that can reach those people that we can’t necessarily be there with in person,” Shelton said.

Romney said Vocal Point plans to continue creating new content in the near future. He also said the release of a new album is “on the radar.”

He explained the group is also planning for its 25th anniversary.  The anniversary marks 25 years since the founding of BYU Vocal Point in 1991 by BYU Students Dave Boyce and Bob Ahlander.

“We’re going to be putting together some really cool stuff for that with our alumni. It’s going to be a three-day event where we collaborate with alumni for some very special and unique concerts and activities,” Romney said. “We’re super exciting about it, and will most likely be recording a song and video to celebrate our anniversary.”

Vocal Point’s plans for the upcoming year include performances in Idaho, Washington and Nauvoo. Vocal Point may only travel within a 275-mile radius because they are a regional touring group. Shelton said Vocal Point eventually hopes to be able to travel even further.

“People request us everywhere, all over the world, and we have to turn them down,” Romney said. “My dream would be to let Vocal Point travel and perform internationally.”

The end goal for Vocal Point is to spread happiness throughout the world with its music according to Crockett.

“As we continue performing, making albums, and music videos, our goal is to reach as many people possible with positive and uplifting music,” Crockett said.

Prince said that same goal is central to Vocal Point’s individual performances.

“If we can achieve that one person is uplifted or leaves feeling happier or has a better day, then I think our purpose is fulfilled,” Prince said. “We just want to make their lives better, make their lives happier.”

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