BYU art sale helps give back to the community

A picture of student art on display in the HFAC. The ‘Art That Gives’ charitable art sale will feature art donated from students, faculty and local artists for $25 or less, with all proceeds going to the United Way of Utah County. (Elliott Miller)
BYU students, faculty and local artists are coming together for a charitable art sale called “Art That Gives” in order to raise money for the United Way of Utah County, an organization that focuses on building communities.
The “Art That Gives” art sale event will take place on Wednesday Dec. 9, 2015 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Wilkinson Student Center terrace and will feature donated artwork from students, professors and some local professional artists. Each piece of artwork will be no more than $25, with all funds raised during the event going to the United Way of Utah County.
Katie Seastrand, head coordinator for “Art That Gives,” said that the event is beneficial for all that attend.
“This event is a great opportunity to give back to the community and get great, quality art for a low price,” Seastrand said.
Artwork from students, local artists and faculty will be up for sale and will range from class art projects to professional pieces.
“The BYU Museum of Art even just put up its Nativity work in its main area for Christmas. So the fact that all work is $25 and under is a really fantastic deal. Especially with how amazingly talented these artists are and that the works are worth so much more,” said Seastrand.
Ginger Dahl, a student artist, said that some people don’t realize that each art piece takes time and illustrates careful technique, so pricing each piece at $25 gives everyone the opportunity to own a quality piece of art.
“Some people expect art to be cheap, but the time involved in creating a work of art must be considering in the price,” Dahl said. “This event gives everyone the chance to buy a higher caliber of art for a low price.”
Kaela Cayama, event coordinator for “Art That Gives,” said that she initially started planning the event through her art history business capstone class.
“The event is mutually beneficial for the community and students,” Cayama said. “It’s a great experience for students to learn how to market artwork and give back to a charitable cause”.
Seastrand said the artists have made it possible for the event to happen. She also said the event is a great way to decorate homes while giving back this Holiday season.
“This is a great opportunity to get amazing art as well as Christmas gifts,” Seastrand said. “Another great thing about this is that since all the art works are so generously donated by the artists, 100 percent of the proceeds are going to the United Way of Utah County, which is a great local charity that does so much for this area.”


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