Police Beat Nov. 30 – Dec. 4



Suspicious Person

Nov. 30 — Heritage Halls tenants reported a suspicious older male entering one of the buildings. Officers responded and discovered that the male was a member of a bishopric for a ward in the building.


Dec. 1 — A person was reported smoking marijuana in front of the main entrance of May Hall in Helaman Halls. Officers responded and was unable to validate the report, but the investigation is still continuing.

Vehicle Burglary

Dec. 1 — A male student reported that a phone charging cord and a pocket knife were taken out of his car. He couldn’t remember if he had locked his car. The property stolen in total cost about $40.


Provo Police released a sketch of the man recently reported for groping women in Provo.

Sexual Assault

Dec. 1 — Three women were groped by a white male in his early to mid 20’s. The first woman was groped as she jogged by the Provo Temple around 8:30 a.m., the second around noon at 800 E and 300 N, and the third at 800 E and 700 N at 3 p.m. The man was described to be 5’10 or 5’11, a medium build and dirty blond hair. Provo police supplied a sketch a few days later. University Police sent out a campus wide email encouraging female’s to walk with partners. Any information should be reported to University Police at (801) 422-2222 or Provo Police at (801) 852-6210.



Dec. 1- Dec. 3—During the past week at least four persons were caught shoplifting from various stores in Orem including a liquor store.


Dec. 1 — A police officer witnessed an assault at a gas station and the person was charged.

Dec. 2 — A father and son were crossing the road and were almost hit by a car. The father and driver had some form of communication which led the driver to come out and punch the father. After the two were separated, the driver was charged for assault.


Dec. 3 — A home near 800 N and 100 E in Orem was burglarized. According to Orem Police Department, the person got in through an open basement window.

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