Pizzeria 712 in Orem completes expansion, sells art

Ari Davis
The new interior of Pizzeria 712, located in Orem. The restaurant now calls itself an “art gallery with food.” (Ari Davis)

Some people may prefer picking up a pizza and taking it back home, but for those who want a more fine-dining food experience, Pizzeria 712 is back in business.

Located in Orem off State Street, Pizzeria 712 completed renovations and added art to the restaurant this past month in a partnership with Brian Kershisnik, a famous local artist who graduated from BYU.

Pizzeria 712 specializes in pizza but sets itself apart from the quick and easy pizza places.

“Pizzeria 712 is a fine dining experience,” said owner Joseph McRae. “It is a full-service restaurant. We want to provide something a little more special. We want to introduce fine dining through pizza.”

The restaurant has been open for eight years and completed an expansion within this past month. Before the expansion, there were only 50 seats available for customers. Now the restaurant can seat up to 130 customers. The expansion also created a server area as well as a private dining room for customers.

Ari Davis
Pizzeria 712 features Brian Kershisnik’s art. All art pieces in the restaurant are for sale. (Ari Davis)

McRae said the three most important things at a restaurant are food, service and atmosphere.

“We have great service,” McRae said. “We sell elevated comfort food. We want people to feel warm and cozy at our restaurant. The restaurant kind of glows at night. It’s magical.”

Connor Dehlin, a senior at BYU studying business management, discovered Pizzeria 712 last summer. “My friends and I randomly stumbled upon it and it is now one of our favorite pizza places,” Dehlin said.

Dehlin said he is excited to see the expansion and the new art that has been added. Dehlin said he found one of the best pizzas he’s ever had at the restaurant. “My favorite pizza at Pizzeria 712 is the margherita pizza.”

Pizzeria 712 buys its ingredients from local farmers markets. “We have the dishes like a margherita pizza that are here year round, but we do have some seasonal pizzas,” McRae said. “Right now we have a squash pizza. It is a seasonal pizza.”

McRae calls Pizzeria 712 an art gallery that serves food. All the art hanging on the walls in the restaurant is for sale.

“We have a variety of pieces from Brian,” McRae said. “It caters to all the levels that are interested in art.”

Ari Davis
Another inside look at Pizzeria 712. Pizzeria 712 recently expanded its restaurant from 50 to 130 seats. (Ari Davis)

UVU student Shae Rogers has eaten at Pizzeria 712 a handful of times. “I really like the pizza there. The vibe in the restaurant is definitely part of the reason why I go. I never feel rushed when I go, and it’s a really relaxed place,” she said.

Pizzeria 712 is open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday until 11 p.m.

McRae said people don’t expect these kind of restaurants in Utah so they don’t look for them.

“We could’ve gone somewhere else where there are many restaurants like this,” McRae said. “But this is our home. We want to change the culture. Our goal is to always create beautiful food at a beautiful restaurant.”

McRae recommends customers to try everything. “Have a nice experience and make a night of it,” McRae said, “Come with your friends or a date. This is a place to gather.”

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