America’s Got Talent and BYU’s Got Talent are here for December

Simon Cowell joins judging panel for “America’s got Talent” 11th season. “America’s got Talent” comes to Salt Lake for auditions Dec. 5. (America’s Got Talent)

Talent seekers are scouring the valley for people with unique abilities of any sort. From the well-known TV show “America’s Got Talent” to local “BYU’s got Talent,” opportunities lie everywhere.

To kick off the 11th season of “America’s Got Talent,” auditions will be hosted in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace Convention Center on Dec. 5.

According to casting producer Rayna Apploff, the show is looking for any age and talent. Whether applicants exhibit a talent they do professionally, or whether this is the first time they’ve performed in front of another person, all are encouraged to audition. Applicants have 90 seconds to showcase their greatest abilities.

“I would suggest they put the best (of their performance) in the first 30 seconds and not hold back on their talent,” Apploff said.

In this year’s season of “America’s Got Talent,” Simon Cowell will join the judging panel. Applicants can sign up for an audition time online.

For BYU students who aren’t interested in the “America’s Got Talent” experience, or who want a little extra practice, BYU has its own version that wraps up the second week of December.

Three rounds of “BYU’s Got Talent” have been held this semester. The winners from these competitions will be featured in the final round of “BYU’s Got Talent” at 7 p.m., Dec. 9. (BYU’s Got Talent)

BYUSA has hosted three rounds of “BYU’s Got Talent” this semester; winners of these three rounds, along with a few wildcard entries, will perform in the final.

According to event lead Cordell Cox, two winners per night were determined by the crowd using a decibel meter. The third winner was a judges’ pick.

“(Everyone) just kind of brings their talent,” Cox said. “I have fun every time we do it.” Cox explained that the judges help make it a lot of fun. Each round the judges vary. Past judges include student body president Brennan Staheli and individuals with various musical backgrounds.

The finale will be full of a variety of talents, including rapping with the piano, juggling, a string instrument group, bagpipes, an acapella group and dancing. These talents will all be featured in the final round of “BYU’s Got Talent” at 7 p.m., Dec. 9, in the Varsity Theater.

Cox said the event will begin again next semester and the first month’s contestants are already registered. Individuals interested in competing may email BYUSA for the rounds in February or March leading up to the April finale. Only one member of the performing group must have a valid BYU ID, but all are expected to abide by the honor code.

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