Police Beat Nov. 20-29



Car Accident

Nov. 20 — A distracted motor scooter driver sustained minor injuries after rear-ending a car west of the Marriott Center.


Nov. 21 — Two upset participants of an intramural flag football game engaged in a verbal altercation. No physical contact occurred.

Nov. 25 — Two males were flying a drone over Brigham Square. An officer told the drone operator he needed Risk Management’s approval to fly anything in BYU air space. The operator packed up his drone and left.

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 23 — A person reported a white van spinning donuts on the grass field south of Wyview Village. The responding officer could not find the car. The damage to the field was minimal.


Nov. 23 — A Sharp 70-inch TV was stolen from a storage area at Lavell Edwards Stadium. The TV is valued at $2,000.

Nov. 25 — A student left her wallet in a dressing room when she left for work. When she went back to get her wallet, she discovered $54 was missing.


Nov. 17 — A student informed his professor he used a keylogger to change his grades. University Police are investigating.

Nov. 24 — A student put up an ad for housing on Craig’s List. A girl responded via email claiming to be interested in the apartment. The student received a call from a man claiming to be the potential buyer’s father, who said he was going to finalize the transaction. The “father” sent a check for $2,850 and asked the student to take her part out of the check and send the remaining money back to him. The student did not cash the check.


Nov. 24 — A person reported the smell of burnt marijuana around the Cannon Center in Helaman Halls. When the officer arrived he could not identify the burnt marijuana smell.

Nov. 27 — A student in Heritage Halls called University Police to report what she believed to be marijuana, which she found in her apartment. Officers responded and interviewed two tenants. Both tenants denied that the substance was theirs, but one indicated it might have been left by a friend, according to University Police. The officers took the alleged marijuana as evidence. The investigation is continuing.


Sexual exploitation

Nov. 18 — A 22-year-old Provo man was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor. According to the Provo Police Facebook page, the police received a search warrant for the male’s home. During the search of the home, detectives found over 15,000 images and 75 videos of child pornography. He was booked into the Utah County Jail on “27 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, all second degree felonies.” His bail is set at $25,000.


Nov. 20 — Provo Police received numerous reports of an IRS scam from residents throughout Provo. Residents reported receiving a phone call with a recording telling them the IRS was filing a lawsuit against them, and then receiving a second call with a person asking for their personal information. The police reaffirmed that the real IRS would never call, text, or email to ask for personal information and would never demand immediate payment for something without first sending a bill.




Nov. 24 — A paint gun was stolen from a carport near 400 N. Beverly Ave.

Nov. 24 — Five people were caught shoplifting at various grocery stores, including Walmart, Winco and Macy’s.

Nov. 24 — A couple committed a dine-and-dash at Chili’s. Restaurant workers said they know the couple and are getting information to the police.

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