BYU women’s tennis player finds success in all areas

Nicolette Tran stands with her teammates at the match against San Diego on April 12, 2014. Tran (Elliott Miller)
Nicolette Poulsen stands with her BYU tennis teammates at the match against San Diego on April 12, 2014. Poulsen is currently ranked No. 33 nationwide in doubles.  (Elliott Miller)

Four years of college can change your life, but Nicolette Poulsen would say your life can change in just one semester.

Nicolette, a junior on the women’s tennis team, came to BYU three years ago with little to no knowledge of what a “Mormon” was. Tennis was her focus and she felt that BYU was going to help her reach her athletic potential.

“I came to BYU because I really liked the tennis curriculum and the coaches,” Nicolette said. “The team was very sweet and welcoming. I also liked the rules and how safe it felt. Plus the academics at BYU are amazing.”

Nicolette was undefeated at home in singles play her freshman year. She then went on to receive All-WCC honorable mention in doubles her sophomore year. Her determination and competitive nature continued her success.

“Nicolette is determined. She will never give up. She will always keep fighting,” said assistant coach Myriam Sopel.

Nicolette seemed to have BYU figured out with her success on and off the court. She began to attend church on occasion with teammates and decided to meet with the missionaries in November of 2014.

“We met in my coaches home and I started the lessons,” Nicolette said. “What really interested me was the temple. I loved the principle of being sealed for time and all eternity to my husband and family.”

Nicolette was baptized on January 29, 2015. Her teammates, coaches and fiancee at the time, Danny Poulsen, encouraged and supported her.

“I was able to attend Nic’s baptism,” teammate and doubles partner Savannah Ware said. “I was so happy for her because I could see how happy the church made her. Everything seemed to just fit.”

Nicolette married Danny in Corona, California, shortly after being baptized. Both Nicolette and Danny’s families attended and celebrated their wedding.

Nicolette’s life has changed dramatically from a year ago as she starts her junior year.

“I feel happier now, my body feels better, and my tennis is better than ever,” Nicolette said.

Nicolette and Ware are ranked No. 33 nationally in doubles. They are preparing to compete in the All-American Tournament next month.

“We work well together,” Ware said. “We just make a good team. Nicolette has matured a lot in the last year and I think that is a major contributor to our success.”


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