Police Beat Nov. 6- Nov. 13



Disorderly Conduct

Nov. 6 — A male was riding a Segway around J Hall in Helaman Halls. A University employee approached him and told him that university policy prohibited the use of Segways on campus. The male ignored the employee and rode his segway to a white car, got into the car and drove away.

Nov. 7 — Someone was shooting fireworks off at Stover Hall in Helaman Halls. The person shooting the fireworks could not be located. All fireworks must be approved by Risk Management before they can be used on University property, according to the University Police.

Nov. 7 — A person was flying a drone around the Wilkinson Student Center. Police officers responded and approached the drone operator. The police explained to the drone operator that there was a policy about flying drones. Unless Risk Management approves the use of a drone, it cannot be flown on University property, according to the University Police.

Nov. 13 — An individual was cited for refusing to leave the Wilkinson Student Center.


Nov. 8 — A $40 Huffy bike was stolen from a bike rack Taylor Hall in Helaman Halls. The bike was locked with a chain lock.

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 9 — Physical Facilities reported chalk writing on the sidewalk in front of the Brigham Young statue. The only legible word was “beards.”


Nov. 11 — Someone grabbed a coworker’s face and shook it while in the Richards Building, according to the University Police. The two coworkers had a history of not working well together.

Property Damage

Nov. 12 — A male student parked his 2005 Honda in the parking lot west of the Richards Building at 5 a.m. The student returned at 5 p.m. and found his window shattered, though nothing was stolen.


Missing Person

Nov. 12 — Provo Police posted on their Facebook page about a BYU student who had been reported missing on Nov. 9. They contacted University Police on Nov. 11 to help in the search. University Police had interacted with the student on Nov. 8 and proceeded to send out a notification to all students, faculty and staff at BYU. Provo and University Police put together a search group on Nov. 12 and with the assistance of a few calls located the student at about 800 N. 150 E. The student was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Nov. 12 — The Provo Police Department announced that the reward for any information helping them find Provo resident Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado has been increased to $50,000. The increased funds were donated by a local company.  Salgado was last seen on April 16 leaving the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo. She is 5-feet 4-inches tall and has long black hair and brown eyes. Police urge anyone with information to call them at (801) 852-6210.



Nov. 15 — A man was cited after he tried to walk off with some food at Walmart.


Nov. 15 — A man was found to be in possession of a fake Social Security Card, Residency Card and Mexican Passport. He was arrested.

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 9 — A man got upset because he couldn’t find his cell phone, so he did the natural thing and went “Street Fighter” on a car and a mailbox. He was cited for criminal mischief and still has not found his cell phone.

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