7 Things to Help You Make it To Thanksgiving Break


Let’s be honest. At this point in the semester, the struggle is real. Temperatures are dropping which means it’s infinitely more difficult to get out of bed, and you’re getting a little too comfortable with the testing center. Time for a break! There’s only a few more weeks until we can glut ourselves on stuffing and pie, but until we get there, here’s what can help you make it through the next few weeks.

1. Trader Joe’s Fall-Themed Cookie Butter










THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This is a thing. This is a thing that exists. We all know that regular cookie butter is heavenly enough, but add a touch of fall and our taste buds are singing. Better get two jars.









  1. Adele’s New Album, 25










No big deal, I mean it’s not like we’ve been waiting for this album for FOUR YEARS or anything….









  1. Early Black Friday Deals

Yo don’t even have to wait in line overnight to get that nifty new gadget. Amazon is already offering discounts on hundreds of items online.










  1. Mockingjay Pt. 2

Getting tickets for opening night though…







 5. Nov. 14: Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day

Do we even need an excuse for this? Take the day to do some yoga, meditate, or you know, lie in bed and watch every season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.










 6. Lighting of the Riverwoods

For those of you already blasting the Christmas tunes…this is for you.









7. City Wide Scavenger Hunt





Compete against other teams to win your own GoPro! Tickets are $3 here.

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