Provo People’s Lobby


If I had a tax dollar for every time a student complained about their college town without doing anything about it, well, I might be their local government! College students’ complaints about unsafe jogging trails, utility rate hikes, unenforced speed limits, lack of recycling programs, predatory booting and towing, etc. are generally spoken into thin air. And even if you tweet @ProvoCity or the Mayor @Curtisut, who’s to say your tweet makes an impact?

College students aren’t alone in their community inaction. In Provo, where the median age is 23.5 years, the majority population are Millennials who generally don’t have time or energy to act beyond their social media activism. For them, community action is “digital or die.” This is why the Provo People’s Lobby launched this year to give you an influential voice—entirely online.

The Provo People’s Lobby is an online town hall platform, where what you say is seen by the Provo City Council. Since the Provo City Council makes the policies that govern Provo, the Lobby is one of the most effective ways for you to make an impact! Do have an idea from your hometown that would be helpful for Provo? Tell the Lobby. Are you frustrated that there aren’t nearby grocery shopping options where you live? Tell the Lobby. Do you think it should be easier for college students to run for City Council in Provo? Tell the Lobby. This platform is built for you to have influence and make Provo a greater place to live.

So, keep calling 311 or posting aimlessly on Facebook about your Provo problems. Or, check out what’s being said and contribute your own to the Provo People’s Lobby. Click this link to proceed to the site.

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