Police Beat Oct. 30-Nov. 5



Canine Welfare

Oct. 30 — University Police received a call from a person concerned about a dog in a parked car. When the officers responded, they found the car windows open and the dog was not harmed.

Suspicious activity

Nov. 2 — A student reported a male looking in car windows in the parking lot north of the Indoor Practice Field. The student did not immediately report the questionable activity, so when the officers arrived, no person was found.

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 2 — An officer found graffiti on a light post in the parking lot north of the Indoor Practice Field. The graffiti appeared to be random sets of letters written in black marker. The grounds crew was contacted and the graffiti was cleaned.

Traffic Violation

Oct. 31 — A gorilla-suited driver and passenger in a space costume were driving in a go-cart and ran a red light near the Brewster Building just before midnight. An officer stopped the vehicle in a nearby parking lot and issued a citation for operating a vehicle without registration and issued a warning for running a red light, operating a vehicle without lights, and not having a driver’s license on the person. Neither costumed person was a BYU student.

Nov. 3 — A student reported a hit-and-run in the parking lot north of the Indoor Practice Field. The student’s 2011 silver Subaru was dented in the right front fender while the student was away from the car. The damage is estimated at $1,200.

Nov. 4 — A female pedestrian was looking at her phone and walking down the Maser Hill ramp. She stepped in front of a male bicyclist. The bicyclist was unable to stop in time and crashed into her. The bicyclist was fine, but the pedestrian had a split upper lip, possible broken nose, lacerations on her nose, and her front teeth were either knocked out or broken off. University Police encourage pedestrians to pay attention to bicyclists and bicyclists to keep to the posted speed limits.


Nov. 3 — A Mac Book Pro was stolen from an unlocked cubicle in the J. Reuben Clark Law School. The computer was valued at $1,000.

Nov. 5 — A student left her laptop in her boss’s office at the Richard’s Building. She called her boss and the laptop was located. The student returned to get the laptop, but it was missing when she arrived. Police have video footage of a person going into the office and are currently investigating the case. The laptop is valued at $750.

Potential Drug Use

Nov. 4 — A student reported the smell of burned marijuana in Helaman Halls building J Hall. Officers are investigating.


DUI Accident

Nov. 4 — A 61-year-old female, pushing a cart with a child, exited the Provo Sam’s Club and was hit by a white Jeep Cherokee driven by a 66-year-old man. The car didn’t hit the cart and only hit the pedestrian, who was transported to the hospital due to a separated shoulder, severe neck sprain, hip bruising, and other minor bruising and scratches. According the the Provo Police Department Facebook page, the driver was arrested for a driving under the influence, operating a vehicle without insurance, and having a revoked registration.

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