Chris Thile, multi-Grammy-award winner and mandolin player to perform at BYU

Chris Thile, multi-Grammy-Award winner, performs for the first time at BYU.
Chris Thile, multi-Grammy-Award winner, will perform for the first time at BYU. (Chris Thile)

Grammy-Award winner Chris Thile will perform at BYU for the first time this Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, at de Jong Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m.

The Southern California native plays the mandolin, sings and writes original songs. He played with the acoustic trio Nickel Creek and the bluegrass quintet Punch Brothers. He has also played with bassist Edgar Meyer and recorded solo albums.

Thile’s concert is part of BYU’s BRAVO! series, which showcases professionals in the performing arts industry. BRAVO! series producer, Jeff Martin said he invited Thile to perform at BYU because he thinks Thile has a unique approach to making music.

“His transpositions of Bach’s music, as well as his recordings of contemporary mandolin compositions, have established him as a exciting force in the world of modern music,” Martin said. “His music vocabulary mixes classical, folk, jazz, and bluegrass. Many of our students and patrons are enthusiastic fans of his work, and I think he adds a very interesting component to the musical conversation taking place today.”

He said he hopes students will be inspired to stretch themselves and consider exploring music in ways they have not previously considered.

“And, of course, I hope everyone has a really wonderful time,” Martin said.

The concert will consist of Bach solo violin works (played on the mandolin), Thile’s own compositions and contemporary music. He will have a Q&A just for BYU School of Music students Friday afternoon.

Students can purchase tickets at the Marriott Center ticket office, HFAC ticket office, on phone at 801-422-2981 or online at

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