World Congress of Families IX: Delegates seek to create coalitions with traditional family organizations

A delegate from Barbados at the World Congress of Families asks how her those who support traditional families in her country can build overseas alliances. (Allie Arnell)

Alexey Komov and his wife had run a management consulting business for ten years in Moscow, Russia, when they decided to get involved with the World Congress of Families in 2009.

“We thought, ‘Maybe we’ll do something good with our life’,” Komov said.

Now as the World Congress of Families representative in Russia, Komov is a veteran pro-family activist. He led a workshop in the World Congress of Families IX about how delegates can network with other pro-life and pro-familly groups and expand their organizations.

Komov gave the following advice:

  • Think of a winning idea
  • Frame it in words that entice your target audience
  • Find your natural allies
  • Get big names to endorse your ideas
  • Have a professional look
  • Have a social media presence

Think of a winning idea. Komov said you should make your idea or cause as specific as possible. He said it’s easier for people to get behind a cause when it is less abstract. “It needs to be specific to your country or region,” Komov said.

Frame it in words that entice your target audience. Komov said an organization will reach more people if it has an attractive and understandable message. People will respond to concise, clear language.

Find your natural allies. It’s to the benefit of the organization to find those who have similar interests and associate with them. He said pro-family groups should be willing to share the credit and not monopolize it. “You should make it our common idea and share it,” Komov said.

He also said it’s important to acknowledge and emphasize the benefits that allies gain from association together. “You should allow different stake holders have their interest in the project,” Komov said. He said you should make them see it’s something that they will want their logo on.

Alexey Komov describes how those seeking to join in the pro-life and pro-family movements can find their natural allies, including other groups with the same interests. (Allie Arnell)

 Get big names to endorse your ideas. Well-known faces and companies bring credibility and draw more people. Komov advised against approaching donors with desperation. He said you shouldn’t say without their donation, nothing will happen.

“Say, ‘This is happening no matter what’,” Komov said, “‘Without funds it will be smaller scale, but it is happening no matter what.'”

Have a professional look. Komov said people are more likely to take you seriously if all your documents and information have a consistently professional appearance.

Have a social media presence. Social media is important to engage your audience, especially the younger demographic, Komov said.

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