BYU Ski and Snowboard Club to host ski movie on campus


BYU’s Freeride Academy will hold a premiere of Teton Gravity Research’s new film “Paradise Waits” in Room 151 of the Tanner Building at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 13.

“Paradise Waits” is a new ski film produced by Teton Gravity Research. This film features the massive Alaskan spines and urban centers like Boston during last year’s snow storm. (Teton Gravity Research)

The award-winning film crew that brought the nation “Almost Ablaze” in 2014 brings a new adventure that features last year’s strange weather patterns and the people who rejoice when the first snowflake falls.

Jonathan Bigelow, co-president of Freeride Academy, told students to expect this to be one of the more exciting premieres. “We always sell out. It’s always nuts, and we always give away tons of stuff,” he said.

“Paradise Waits” documents skiers and snowboarders as they ski the massive Alaskan mountains and perform difficult tricks in many urban centers worldwide.

“Skiing movies always give me the whiff of nostalgia that gets me ready to hop back on the lift on the sunny, the blustery and even the downright bone-chilling days,” said avid skier and BYU student Malcolm Ringger. “For skiers like me, the preseason ski productions symbolize a continuing revelation. The hope of a new winter and new thrills contained in the film are just an addition to our existing cannon of passion.”

The film features X-Games medalist Sammy Carlson, Tim Durschi and others as they adventure the world searching for the best snow conditions.

The Freeride Academy has big plans for this year’s premiere, with sponsors including Board of Provo, Second Tracks Sports and Snogression, with more sponsors on the way. These sponsors will give away raffle tickets entering students to win anything from new goggles to skis.

The Freeride Academy is also working on bringing some Teton Gravity Research athletes to the premiere, including Angel and Johnny Collinson, Salt Lake City locals who are featured in this year’s film.

One of the many segments of skiing deep powder turns all over of the world from the trailer of “Paradise Waits.” (Teton Gravity Research)

Some students have already seen the film, but many of them, including Jared Hall, are still planning to attend.

“Every fall I slip into the trap of ski-movie mayhem. I watch at least an hour of what I call powder porn every day,” Hall said. “TGR always makes my favorite films. Within hours of being available on iTunes I downloaded it. They kill it with their soundtracks every time and Paradise Waits is no exception. It’s the best ski film I’ve seen so far this year.”

These on-campus premieres have been happening for four years, with three of the four selling out.

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