Police Beat Oct 17-23




Oct. 18 — University Police responded to a student employee call about trespassers in the J. Reuben Clark Law School Building. According to the police, the responding officer talked to the two persons, a man, 38, and woman, 23. They attempted to leave in a car but the officer detained them by opening the car door so he could finish his investigation. The man argued with the officer, and when the officer requested identification, both persons refused to provide it. The man argued and stated his rights were being violated. The officer informed the man that he was being arrested. The man climbed into the back seat and refused the arrest. When he exited the car the officer arrested him. The officer also charged and released the woman. The man was booked in the Utah County Jail for failure to disclose identity to officer and criminal trespassing.


Oct. 16 — On Oct. 13 a car was parked in the lot north of the Broadcast Building. The student returned to her car a few days later and found that someone had stolen her sub-woofer and amplifier. The value of the stolen items is $1,000.


Oct. 20 —A Wymount Terrace resident received an online request for a babysitter on sittercity.com. The women requested the resident to babysit a 5-year-old and sent a $300 check for payment. The resident was told by the woman, via online communication, to deposit the $300 check and to expect a future $1,000 check to cover travel and food costs for the child. When the resident took the $300 check to a bank teller, the bank discovered the check was fraudulent.

Oct. 22 — A Mary Kay distributor residing at Wymount received an order from a client for $200 worth of Mary Kay products. The distributor received a certified check for $1,850 from the client even though the total was $200. The distributor called the client to resolve the problem. The client asked the distributor to cash the check and sent back the $1,650 extra. The distributor refused to do so, stopped communicating with the woman and reported the situation to University Police.


Car Fire

Oct. 18 — A car parked in a lot of an Orem dealer caught fire. The fire was caused by a faulty battery, according to the Orem Police Department Facebook page.

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