Nick Vujicic at the World Congress of Families




Nick Vujicic didn’t walk onto stage, he was carried. But life without limbs doesn’t stop him from being a world renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, and pastor. As he was placed on a table in the Grand Ballroom inside Salt Lake’s Grand America hotel, the crowd could not remain sitting as they exploded with applause.

Vujicic came without pay, he said, because he believes in importance of the family. Vujicic himself is married and has two little boys.

“I love my wife [and kids] more than the ministry that God has given me,” Vujicic said.

He says evidence of a functional home is when you show your wife you love her

Vujicic admitted that he is excited to to go to heaven and have arms and legs to hug his wife and kids for the first time. He said, to the crowd’s enjoyment, that his son gives him high fives on his shoulder and sometimes even on his face.

Even though he gets many thousands of invitations around the world to go speak, he said, “woe is me,” if he if he accepts all of those invites but is never home with his kids.

“When you look at the value of everyone, keep on praying first for your family,” he said.

Vujicic kept on reiterating the importance not only of the family but understanding your own individual worth and potential.

“Every single human being matters,” Vujicic repeated, “God can use you.”

He said that every single person is a child of God that “you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you…the power of God can come to all of those who love Him”

This life, Vujicic said, is just a bridge to the next life.

“We are not meant to be here forever, we are citizens of heaven just passing through,” he said.

Going through life without limbs is not the only trial Vujicic possesses, his dad has pancreatic cancer.

“When you believe that heaven is real and that God is with you,” Vujicic said talking about his dad “[you know] If I don’t see you here, I’ll see you up there.”

Pastor Vujicic gave Bible scriptures and spoke with a vibrating voice that required “amens” from the audience.

Vujici was not short on facial expressions as he moved back and forth on the given table that raised him above the stage floor.

He was very passionate as he practically begged the listeners to not forget what was spoken.

“Who…are…you…? are you here to serve, are you here to learn…but don’ t go home and let that balloon fill into nothing from the excitement of the congress. Do something…something..something.. be that change…look people in the eye and say ‘how are you, no, how…are… you?’ It’s God’s love, He has a plan for each and every one of you… You are an ambassador of the king of kings and the lords of lords, and the first person to know it is your wife and your kids. Do something so that others may know that God has more for them than they can see.”

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