Video: UVU woman breaks vending machine for food

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She broke a vending machine with her body.

A woman stands back, then runs full speed, jumping knee first at a vending machine. The glass shatters, and she hops off, laughing as she says, “just walk away.” Screams are heard at the moment of impact, but laughs follow.

UVU student Ben Jorgensen posted the video on Facebook Oct. 22. The Snapchat video has the caption #peopleofUVU. The video post’s caption reads, “Hungry? Grab a Snickers.”

Jorgensen said he was “an innocent bystander with a camera.” He said the woman bought a candy bar from the machine. The candy got stuck and was “hanging on for dear life.”

“The girl decided that she really wanted the candy bar,” he said. “So she figured if she ran into it hard enough, it would shake free and fall.”

Some claim she was shaking the vending machine to retrieve a food item that wouldn’t fall before she decided to run into it.

Jorgensen’s video has more than 280 shares and many comments, most of which ask about the outcome. Some suggested Jorgensen send the video to Ellen or Jimmy Fallon.

Others just wanted to know more about the woman. BYU student Conner Tracy commented, “Is she single?”

“I’m not sure if it actually fell or not,” Jorgensen said. “She also didn’t even end up getting the candy bar. So it was all in vain. But it left us with one heck of a video.”


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