Provo re-signs sister city agreement with Germany


Applause rang through the Provo city council chambers as mayors John Curtis and Olaf Raschke re-signed the sister city agreement between their cities.

Mayor’s John Curtis and Olaf Raschke re-sign the sister city agreement. This signing marked the 14 year anniversary of the original agreement. (Ben Wallace)

Raschke is the mayor of Meissen, Germany and was visiting Provo during the 14-year anniversary of the signing of the original sister city agreement.

“It is my hope we can return a small part of the hospitality I received in Messien,” Curtis said, commenting about his recent visit to Germany in September.

The signing of the new sister city agreement between Provo and Meissen focused on the sharing of ideas and culture between the two cities. Both city leaders exchange ideas about certain issues and have a strong focus on education.

“Education is really the key for the future of our two cities,” said Raschke through a translator, “We have no fear of the future because we’re doing what we need to, for the future.”

Raschke has visited BYU and other schools in the area during his previous four visits and commented on the immense improvement that he has seen in the schools during that time.

“We are seeing the fruits of this friendship in student and cultural exchanges,” said Curtis.

The original sister city agreement between the cities. The agreement was signed in 2001. (Ben Wallace)

The cities share more than just the agreement with Meissen being the birthplace of Karl G. Maeser, the first president of BYU. He grew up in that area and brought the culture he learned there to Provo.

He was the first superintendent for the Church Educational System, but is best known for his devotion to keeping his word.








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