Utah Fashion Week debuts Fall Gala

Utah Fashion Week was held Oct. 17. Each designer for the event had two to three looks he or she showcased as part of a mini fall collection. (Nicole Hale)

Utah Fashion Week’s Fall Gala was held Oct. 17 and featured a runway show, silent auction and live music.

The black-tie event, previously known as Provo Fashion Week, was held at the Impact Hub in Salt Lake City, and the two-story building was filled with guests who had gone all out for the event.

The eight local designers showcased at the event were Alexis Puglisi, Franklynn Stott, Mckell Maddox, Natalie Wynn, Janay Marie, Lily Bride Designs, Perfectly Suited by Garth and W. N. Ferreira. Each designer had two to three looks he or she showcased as part of a mini fall collection.

Co-producer Janay Marie created three looks for the event. Marie wanted to organize the Fall Gala as a way to give more opportunities to local designers.

“Because we are designers, we (Wynn and Marie) wanted to put on a show,” Marie said. “There isn’t much of an outlet and we want a chance to show our stuff.”

Blogger Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick attended Utah Fashion Week. (Nicole Hale)
Blogger Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick attended Utah Fashion Week. Eight local designers were featured at the event. (Nicole Hale)

Designer Franklynn Stott had an unusual inspiration for his two designs. “The honest truth is that sometimes I’m playing my video games and I see an outfit in those games and I love it,” Stott said. “If I had to narrow it down, I would say Japanese school girl idea is what inspired me.”

Natalie Wynn, bridal designer and co-producer of Utah Fashion Week, had three designs full of floral effects. She was excited it was a smaller display so she could use more creativity. As a wedding gown designer, Wynn said she normally has to stay on the more practical side.

Bridal designer Natalie Wynn standing with her models showcasing her three designs for UFW Fall Gala.
Bridal designer Natalie Wynn and her models at UFW Fall Gala. Utah Fashion Week was formerly known as Provo Fashion Week. (Nicole Hale)

“I was ready for a challenge and wanted to do something different,” Wynn said. “If a bride wanted to wear this, I would totally do it for them.”

As for inspiration, Wynn simply said, “Wedding gowns and flowers are my favorite things.”

Marie said it was crazy to both produce the show and design three new looks. While Marie admitted it was a lot of work, she said it has been fun and well worth it.


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