BYU 2015 Major Fair offers students a path to success

A student looks a Major Fair flyer. The 2015 Major Fair will be held on Wednesday October 14th.       (Maddi Driggs)

The University Advisement Center will host the 11th annual Major Fair on Wednesday Oct.14, 2015 from 9:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m in the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom.

The Major Fair is an event that was created for students to explore different majors and the opportunities they offer on campus. Every college advisement center will be represented this year, including 171 majors with 132 booths. Students are invited to attend the event to asks questions and gather information regardless if they have declared a major or not.

University Advisement Center Director Karen Evans said she created the event 11 years ago in order to compliment what the advisement center does on a daily basis. She also expressed that many students who are declared sometimes are not sure about their declared majors.

“Of all the students that come to BYU with a declared major, only 17 percent actually graduate with that same major,” Evans said.

Evans said many students worry about choosing a major that suits them. She mentioned that choosing a major can be overwhelming for some students. Evans said having events like the Major Fair and resources like the academic and career advisors on campus can help mitigate student stress when declaring a major.

“Thats why we’re here. This is what we do every single day; we help students choose majors and careers,” Evans said.

Jeff Buell, the academic and career advisor at the University Advisement Center, explained the benefits of attending the Major Fair and how it is just one part of the major selection process.

“Choosing a major is a process, not an event,” Buell said. “The Major Fair event is a valuable piece of the process, but we want them (students) to do more than just attend the Major Fair but to network with different faculty and advisors from across campus; this is a great event to come and get things started.”

Henry Kilifi, a BYU senior majoring in accounting, said the University Advisement Center and events like the major fair have helped him determine what major to declare.

“I was a math major for a while. I thought that’s what I wanted to do, but after some thought and a visit to the advisement center I decided to explore other majors and finally decided on accounting,” Kilifi said.

Buell said the University Advisement Center invites all to come check out the event and explore the opportunities that can help guide all student along the path of success.

“It’s a great atmosphere where they (students) can explore different majors they may not of known about,” Buell said.


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