Three music venues worth going to in October

Fictionist plays a private album preview party at Velour. (Elliott Miller)
Fictionist plays a private album preview party at Velour. October brings haunted houses and mazes, but music still plays throughout Provo and Salt Lake. (Elliott Miller)

In a month as wildly popular as October, there’s more than enough haunted houses to steal screams and money. Corn mazes are growing out of almost all corners of Utah Valley. And BYU is unleashing its most popular event of the year: David Archuleta at BYU Spectacular.

Meanwhile, music quietly plays in the background of October, providing a non-spooky alternative for students on a budget. Some of the best places for music include these three:

1. Muse Music Cafe

Muse Music has recently reopened a new location at 247 W. Center Street in Provo. Their biggest event this month is Battle of the Bands, which will be held Oct. 19–24. Submissions are also open and for students with a band — they can submit entries through the website.

For students still stepping lightly into the music world but aching to sing soulful sonnets, Muse Music also holds Open Mic night every Wednesday for just $2.

Finally, for those who enjoy poetry, Muse Music will host a Poetry Slam Oct. 29.

2. Velour Live Music

The popular band Fictionist will be performing at Velour with Festive People on Oct. 9. Velour is also hosting a film screening on October 19 of a documentary titled “The Sounds of Provo.”

Oct. 30 Velour will be featuring Joshua James, who will be visiting Provo during his Scandinavian tour. On Halloween, Velour is holding a special Halloween show: The Return of Monkeygrinder. Costumes are mandatory at this show.

3. Salt Lake Valley

Salt Lake Valley has an enormous variety of venues. The indie folk Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men, is performing at The Great Saltair on Oct. 14.

Bands performing this October at In the Venue include All That Remains, We Came As Romans, The Wonder Years and Motion City Soundtrack. The band, Hollywood Undead, is also performing there on Oct. 22.

Janet Jackson will be appearing at Energy Solutions Arena on Oct. 24. Owl City will be at The Complex on Oct. 20.

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