BYU student wins 2015 Yo-Yo world championship


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In just six years, BYU sophomore Zach Gormley has gone from picking up his first Yo-Yo to becoming a world Yo-Yo champion.

Zach won the 2015 World Yo-Yo championship in Tokyo, Japan this past August.

A Colorado native, Zach competed against hundreds of competitors from across the world and dominated the event with his three-minute technical routine, while the second place competitor followed seven points behind.

He said he spent endless hours long before the competition perfecting his winning routine.

“I must have practiced it over 400 times,” Zach said.

He said his recent win earned him much praise and recognition across the competitive yo-yo world, but mentioned he is no stranger to the competitive yo-yo scene. Zach has been recognized competitively since 2009 and has gained quite a large fan base and a well-known headline over the years.

Zach was the 2012 and 2014 USA National champion and placed 1st and 2nd during the 44 Clash Invitational in 2012 and 2014.

He said he has also received the 2013 US National Trick Innovator of the year award.

Zach has accumulated thousands of followers and millions of views on YouTube. David Gormley, Zach’s father, said the internet has helped his son become a major influence in the sport.

Zach Gormley uses one of his signature Yo-Yos. Gormley won the 2015 World Yo-Yo championship.  (Alec Campbell)
Zach Gormley uses one of his signature Yo-Yos. Gormley won the 2015 World Yo-Yo Championship. (Alec Campbell)

“It was amazing to see just how many people knew of Zach when we would travel to different places for his competitions,” David said.

David also said Zach’s YouTube videos were popular because they highlighted the technical aspect of his son’s craft and show his unique style with the return top.

Competitive Yo-Yo players from around the world consider Zach to be one of the most influential and impressive players to pick up the sport in recent years.

Since the age of 12, Zach Gormley has been sponsored by Caribou Lodge YOYO Works (CLYW) . They have also helped him design his own line of signature Yo-Yos.

Some of these Yo-Yos include the Artic Circle and the Borealis. Zach used the Borealis to win the world Headline. The Yo-Yo retails at $145 and will be available to purchase this fall.

Chris Mikulin, owner of CLYW said Zach Gormley has accomplished a lot in the past few years.

“We knew he had the potential to become a world champion,” Mikulin said.

Zach said natural talent combined with hard work helped him achieve world-champion status. David also expressed that humility has been a major factor in his son’s success.

“Even with all the praise and recognition Zach was never cocky. He was always willing to learn from others. He has always remained humble,” David said.

Zach attributed his success to his dedication to the craft, the support given by his sponsor and most importantly the support of his family. David mentioned that he and his family always tried to support his son.

“We were always there for him. Whether it was a local competition or outside of the country, we were always there,” David said.

Zach said his skill hasn’t let the limelight change him. He explained that he’s still just a normal college student.

He also said he plans to complete his college degree in computer science at BYU.

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