Police Beat Sept. 25—Oct. 1




Sept. 25—A female student lost her credit cards in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building and unexplained charges have appeared on her account.

Sept. 29—A male student reported some of his dark and colored clothing, estimated value of $10, missing from a Wymount Terrace laundry facility.

Sept. 30—A female’s bike pack contents, including $20 in cash, were stolen outside the Testing Center. The pack was not locked.

Sept. 28-30—Three bikes were stolen between Sept. 28-30 at Wyview Park. Two Diamond Back bikes, with an estimated value of $400 each, were locked together with a cable lock. The third bike locked separately, a Specialized brand with an estimated value of $600, was stolen.

Oct. 1—A Gary Fisher bike, with an estimated value of $400, was stolen between the 29th and 30th at Wyview Park.

Oct. 1—A female student purchased $40 worth of food for General Conference weekend and stored it in a communal refrigerator in the basement of Hinkley Hall in Helaman Halls. When she returned the food was gone, and University Police believe it was most likely consumed.


Sept. 27—University Police received a call about a transient in the Life Science Building at 10:31 p.m. The transient turned out to be a student who fell asleep while studying.

Sept. 29th—A religious solicitor on East Campus Drive by the Brewster Building was asked by the University Police to move to public property. The solicitor was shown nearby public property and moved without a complaint.

Suspicion of fraud

Sept. 29—A male called Studio 1030, the hair salon in the Wilkinson Student Center, stating the studio had not paid its Rocky Mountain Power Bill. The caller, however, hung up when the call was transferred to the correct office. According to University Police the call will not been confirmed as a fraud case until further evidence is provided.


Oct. 1—A group of students playing hide and seek in the Harris Fine Arts Center at 11 p.m. caused a faculty member to call the University Police. The police arrived but were not able to find any of the students.


Animal Control

Sept. 30—Around 8 a.m., Provo Police dispatch received a call about a moose in the area of 1450 E Oak Cliff Drive that was heading west towards Wasatch Elementary School, according the the Provo Police Facebook page. The responding officers were able to corral the moose in a nearby LDS Church parking lot. When Utah Division of Wildlife officers arrived, the moose was subdued with a tranquilizer gun. The moose was released back into the wild.


Motorcycle Accident

Sept. 29—A male motorcyclist crashed on 900 S. College Drive, according to the Orem Department of Public Service Facebook page. The man left the scene before the police arrived, leaving behind his shoes, backpack, and some blood. Police later found the man at his home and he was taken to a local hospital.

Sexual Offense

Sept. 29—An Orem chiropractor was charged with multiple sex offenses, according to the Orem Department of Public Services Facebook page. He is accused of inappropriately touching several clients since 2011.


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