David Archuleta appearance may bring record crowd to BYU Spectacular


Some of BYU’s most popular performing groups will share center stage with David Archuleta at this year’s BYU Spectacular during Homecoming week.

BYU Spectacular producer Michael Handley said there has never been such a high demand for tickets to the show.

David Archuleta is performing with BYU performing groups during this year's BYU Spectacular. Archuleta is a popular musician in the LDS community. (Courtesy of David Archuleta)
David Archuleta is sharing the stage with BYU performing groups during this year’s BYU Spectacular. Archuleta is a popular musician in the LDS community. (David Archuleta)

“There’s a particular interest in David Archuleta,” Handley said. “That’s triggered the terrific box office response.”

Tickets went on sale in July, but after they sold out the BYU Alumni Association added 1,800 seats to each show — 3,600 extra seats total. This is possibly the first time a performance of BYU Spectacular has ever sold out, according to Handley. With the additional seating added, tickets are still available online.

The additional tickets mean that the audience will fill half the seats of the Marriott Center for the performances on Thursday, Oct. 8 and Friday, Oct. 9.

Handley said BYU students and alumni are not the only ones excited about Archuleta’s performance in the BYU Spectacular.

“All of the performing groups have expressed interest in performing with David,” Handley said. “I think the audience will really enjoy seeing our groups interact with him.”

Most of the music in the show, including Archuleta’s music, will be accompanied by the BYU jazz band Synthesis. Archuleta will also sing with Women’s Chorus and Vocal Point. The Contemporary Dance Theatre will also perform alongside him.

The Cougarettes will dance while Archuleta sings “Glorious,” the song he debuted in the movie “Meet the Mormons.”

Jennica Overman, a fourth-year Cougarette majoring in exercise and wellness, said she is looking forward to performing in BYU Spectacular.

“This will be extremely memorable for the Cougarettes,” Overman said. “It’s a unique experience to work with someone as well-known as David Archuleta.”

Overman said she also felt honored to work with the performing groups in BYU Spectacular.

“It’s great how all the different teams get to come together and celebrate the school’s history,” Overman said. “I’m excited to see what everyone brings to this year’s show.”

Handley said Archuleta seemed enthusiastic about performing with BYU groups as well.

Todd Wakefield
The Ballroom Dance Company performs in the 2014 BYU Spectacular. This year’s show will feature several of BYU’s most popular performing arts groups. (Todd Wakefield)

“He was extremely interested and excited at our request to pair him off with our ensembles,” Handley said. “This is an opportunity that I don’t think he normally gets.”

This year’s Homecoming theme is “Make Your Mark.” BYU Spectacular will recognize Abraham O. Smoot for the way he influenced BYU history and made financial contributions during the school’s times of need.

“We owe a great debt of gratitude for his life and service to the university,” Handley said. “He is one who left his mark here, even though he died more than 100 years ago.”

BYU Spectacular will include a video presentation about Smoot’s life and influence on BYU.

Glenn Anderson, the producer of the video on Smoot’s life, brought up the great impact Smoot had on BYU.

“He has a fingerprint on so much of what BYU is today,” Anderson said. “He took a great interest in the academy.”

The video will segue into the show’s final numbers.

“There will be this long thread about making our mark,” Handley said. “The purpose of the university is to prepare us to go out into the world and make our own individual marks and fill the world with love.”

BYU Spectacular is one of many school-sponsored events during Homecoming week. Other popular events include True Blue Foam and the Homecoming dances, all leading up to Saturday’s football game against the East Carolina Pirates at 5:30 p.m. at Lavell Edwards Stadium.

The 2015 BYU Homecoming week officially begins Tuesday, Oct. 6, and ends Saturday, Oct. 10. A full schedule of Homecoming events can be found at homecoming.byu.edu.



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