Elder Larry R. Lawrence: The course of steady improvement

Elder Larry. R. Lawrence (Mormon Newsroom)

Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Second Quorum of the Seventy spoke about improving ourselves through spiritual revelation.

“The journey of discipleship is not an easy one. It has been called a ‘course of steady improvement.’ As we travel along the straight and narrow path, the Spirit continually challenges us to be better and to climb higher.”

He explained that the Holy Ghost is a great companion, but in order to get directions on our path from the Lord, we must ask Him difficult questions.

Elder Lawrence referenced the story of the rich young ruler in the New Testament, who approached the Savior to ask what he lacked.

Christ then told the young man to give everything he had to the poor and to follow Him.

Elder Lawrence then shared some modern-day equivalents of this biblical story, including a mother who was inspired to complain less, a young man who learned that he needed to clean up his language, a young lady that received inspiration to interrupt people less, a returned missionary who discovered that he needed to better dedicate Sundays to the Lord and a college-age girl learning that she needed to clean her room.

“The Holy Ghost doesn’t tell us to improve everything at once. If he did, we would become discouraged and give up. The Spirit works with us at our own speed, one step at a time.”

Elder Lawrence further said that a perfect time to ask the Lord what needs to change is during Sacrament meeting because of its reverent atmosphere.

He then challenged members to participate in the spiritual exercise of asking the Lord, “what is keeping me from progressing,” or “what lack I yet?”

Elder Lawrence said that if a response comes while waiting patiently, it is personal revelation intended specifically for you.

“The Spirit can show us our weaknesses, but he is also able to show us our strengths. Sometimes we need to ask what we are doing right so that the Lord can lift and encourage us.”

He continued by saying that Heavenly Father knows our divine potential and is excited each time we progress.

Elder Lawrence also emphasized that spiritual growth should be a priority in the lives of members so they do not miss out on spiritual experiences intended for them by God.

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