The BYU women’s golf team will be exciting to watch this year

Tommy Higham
The BYU women’s golf team wins their first tournament of the 2015-16 season. Alexandra White led the team with the best overall score. (Tommy Higham)

The BYU women’s golf team has potential to finish high in most of its tournaments this year with experienced players and exciting freshmen filling the roster.

The team is prepared to compete at a higher level than it has in recent years. The Cougars chances are high to make a run at a championship this season. They have the tools and the skills to do so.

“We will compete for sure,” head coach Carrie Roberts said.

However, those championship hopes will only come to fruition if the women keep competing at a high level. Those hopes are alive and they have the skills and consistency to compete.

“We can score on good days and bad days,” Roberts said.

Coach Roberts also said she is proud of her team’s mental toughness and ability to fight to the end. The team’s mentality and athletic skills will make for a lethal combination if it can stay consistent throughout the season.

Roberts should definitely be proud of her players as they won their first tournament of the year and at the same time finished with two players in the top five.

“It just meant more to win as a team,” junior Alexandra White said.

The Cougars won the Ptarmigan Ram Classic on Sept. 15. They played consistently throughout the tournament and ended with the best overall score of any team at the tournament. They also had two players finish in the top five. With such a great win and solid performances, the Cougars can hope to compete for a championship.

Senior Alexandra White finished one-under par for the tournament and freshman Rose Huang finished fifth overall. For Huang to come in as a freshman and finish that high in the tournament is encouraging and exciting. She is already having a big impact as a freshman according to Roberts.

Sarah Hill
Leah Garner competes in a tournament during the summer. Garner is the only senior on the time this year.(Sarah Hill)

Senior Lea Garner is another player to look out for this season. She finished tied for 15th at the Ptarmigan Ram Classic last week. She also finished in the top 10 in four out of five of the Cougars fall 2014 tournaments.

With experienced leaders and a positive attitude, freshman Rose Huang said that everyone is working hard. The championship mentality and work ethic is what will carry the Cougars throughout the year.

“Everyone is so focused and everyone works hard so you can’t even think about slacking off at any point because you’ll be the odd one out,” Huang said.

The BYU women’s golf team has a lot to look forward to and a long way to go. The Cougars can definitely hope to compete with skilled young players and experienced juniors and seniors. The future is bright for BYU women’s golf.

“I feel like we’re unstoppable,” White said.

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