Internet reacts to Snowden’s official Twitter account


Edward Snowden recently tweeted for the first time from his personal, verified account.

His Twitter-handle is @Snowden.

Making a bold statement, Snowden has decided to only follow the NSA.

Since then, many have reached out to voice their opinions on Snowden.

The most popular tweets came from movers and shakers in the tech and privacy industries such as former hacker Kevin Mitnick, MegaUpload creator Kim Dotcom and journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Some celebrities made sure to give Snowden a shoutout as well.

Even certain publications couldn’t help but show their support for Snowden’s appearance on Twitter.

Although most of the tweets regarding Snowden’s Twitter appearance seem positive, not everyone had good things to say about Snowden.

Presidential Nominee, Gov George Pataki, requested that Twitter take down Snowden’s Twitter account and called him a traitor.

Snowden’s girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, hasn’t said anything about Snowden’s presence on Twitter or the fact that he chose not to follow her on Twitter.

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