Provo band, “The Brocks,” gain national attention


Heads have been turning in the commercial music industry and on the big stage. BYU graduates Dane Brock, Christian Darais, Morgan Ence, and Ryan King are all members of the indie/electric band, “The Brocks” based out of Provo. Their music has been heard in the commercials of large brands on national television and they have recently opened for the world renowned DJ, Kaskade, at the last Provo Rooftop Concert.


The Brocks will play at Provo’s Velour on September 26 Photo: The Brocks

Group drummer, Christian Darais, former commercial music major at BYU, said of the Rooftop Concert, “The crowd was insane. Being able to perform in front of over 15 thousand people was incredible. It was insane.”

Since that concert, The Brocks have been gaining more traction both locally and nationally, Darais said in an interview. “We saw a huge increase in following since the concert. We have gained hundreds of new followers.”

McKenna Hill, a 22-year-old accounting student from Farmington Utah, has caught the wave of “Brock” lovers. “I have been to three Brocks concerts now and I absolutely love them. I love that they aren’t just trying to be a Provo band.”

Listeners have noticed that the Brock sound is different from the typical Provo indie rock band,” Hill said. “Their music is lively enough to dance to but it can be chill enough to just listen to. Brock on!”

Kenneth Cole used their song in a recent advertisement entitled “Mankind” with their song “Circles”. Mountain Dew used their song “Won’t Stop Here” for their recent video, “Arctic Surf”.

“They are fun, easy to dance to, and listen to. The first time I saw them was at the Rooftop Concert last summer,” said Erin Van de Graaff, a recreation management student from Charleston, Illinois. “The other bands were good but the first time I heard the Brocks our ears just perked up. Since then we’ve been to almost every one of their concerts.”

Kaskade himself mashed the Brocks hit song “Summer Nights” to close his electronic dance concert in Las Vegas classic on June 21, 2014. The Brocks have now teamed up with Kaskade in producing their first album.

“The Brocks have found the right blend of electronic dance music and rock.” Said Michael Schulte, a supply chain student from Kokomo Indiana. “I think that they’re one of the few bands that can pull off the dance rock sound. They’re pretty rad.”

The Brocks are looking to continue to make strides on the national stage with the help of Kaskade.

“We have loved working with Kaskade in producing our music,” Darais said. “Kaskade liked our hit ‘Summer Nights’ and has helped us with the rest of the album ever since.”

Visit to access their music and see their upcoming concerts.


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