BYU softball beats Huskies 7-3 in exhibition game

Ari Davis
Alexa Strid gets one of the Pacific players out at second base at a game in April. Strid and the BYU softball team beat UW in an exhibition game on Sept. 24. (Ari Davis)

The BYU softball came out swinging strong for their first pre-season match up against the Washington Huskies.

The Cougars won the game 7-3.

“It was a team win,” said coach Gordon Eakin. He said he was especially proud of BYU’s pitchers, including freshman pitcher Olivia Sanchez who got an inning on the mound.

The Huskies batted well the first two innings, scoring a run per inning. The cougars didn’t let them get ahead. Infielder Ashley Thompson, Jr. swung in a home run in the first inning. She sent fellow teammate Lauren Bell home scoring two in one bat.

It was not until the fourth inning until BYU scored again. Freshman third-baseman  Libby Sugg came running in for a point.

The fifth inning did not disappoint. Once again Thompson sparked the brilliance with another home run.

“It really feels good that I’m doing it for my team. I know they’re counting on me.” Sophomore infielder Caitlyn Larsen hit a sharp line drive, ran around the bases and secured a double.

“That gave our team momentum, to give us a bigger lead. It was good timing,” Larsen said.

Freshman outfielder Lexi Tarrow brought in two runners. Tarrow was sent home by senior outfielder Gordy Bravo.

“We played extremely well in all four facets of the game,” Eakin said.

The lead was too much for the Huskies. They could not catch up despite scoring a base in the seventh inning. The score ended BYU 7, Huskies 3.

“I’m really impressed with the team so far,” Thompson said.”We are starting out this year better than we ever have before. It’s going to be a good year.”

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