Bands get ready for free on-campus concert


Brigham Square will transform into a stage on Friday, Sept. 25, when three bands and a DJ will perform a free outdoor concert for students. Plan Z, VanLadyLove, Foreign Figures and Kitfox are coming to campus for BYUSA’s Concert Under the Stars.

Tyler Kellis, BYUSA executive director of activities, said concerts like this are always popular events with students.

“It’s a good environment to be on campus and listen to fun bands,” Kellis said.

Aspen Potter, the lead event planner for this concert, said BYUSA wanted to invite the type of band that most BYU students and Provo residents like.

“Provo has its own feel for music,” Potter said. “Most people in Provo like indie and alternative bands.”

Plan Z, the event’s DJ, will kick off the night at 6:30 p.m. Kitfox, Foreign Figures and VanLadyLove will each play a set between 7:30 and 11 p.m. All four acts originated in Utah and have become popular in the local music scene.

Foreign Figures
Foreign Figures performs at Velour Live Music Gallery on July 25, 2015. Foreign Figures will play on campus with VanLadyLove, Kitfox and Plan Z this Friday. (Foreign Figures)

Foreign Figures bass player Seth Dunshee said Provo is a great place to perform.

“It’s a really good town when it comes to supporting the local scene,” Dunshee said. “We love playing the Provo crowd.”

Dunshee said college students are often hard to please because they’re aware of what’s popular. However, he said once a band wins over college students, they become loyal fans.

“You know they’re paying attention to your music,” Dunshee said. “When you gain fans from the college demographic, they’re very good fans.”

Kitfox singer and guitar player, Emilee Holgate said performing live is a good way to interact with students and crowds.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to connect with people that you wouldn’t ever connect with otherwise,” Holgate said. “It’s awesome to create something and be able to share that onstage.”

VanLadyLove has already performed with both Foreign Figures and Kitfox, but Friday will be the first time that all three bands share a stage. Dunshee and Holgate both said they are looking forward to the experience and are excited to play for BYU students.

The Concert Under the Stars is a free concert and is open to all. BYUSA invites all students to bring their friends with them and enjoy the evening together.

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