Woman tells police to shoot while holding relative hostage at knifepoint


Provo Police officers responded to a chaotic call just in time to protect a woman from being stabbed by her relative Tuesday morning outside the Boulders apartment complex.

Provo Police Department
Marina Widdicombe was arrested for aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.
(Provo Police Department Facebook Page)

Officers said the phone call was unintelligible and brief, but the woman did say something about her child being stabbed.

When the first officer arrived, Provo resident, Marina Widdicombe, 24, was allegedly holding a knife to another woman’s throat leaning against a nearby truck.

“She was holding the victim as a hostage between herself and the police officers,” said Provo Police Lt. Brandon Post.

As soon as the officer exited his vehicle Widdicombe was reported as yelling “Shoot me, or I’ll stab her.”

Post said the officer then asked her to drop the knife, but Widdicombe was non-compliant and kept screaming, “Just do it. Just shoot.”

After another officer arrived, Widdicombe put the knife down briefly and allegedly pulled the victim, a 24-year-old female and Widdicombe’s relative, up into the bed of the pickup truck.

“At that point one officer grabbed the victim and one officer grabbed the suspect and the suspect was taken into custody,” said Post.

Widdicombe was taken to Utah County Jail, arrested for aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

Investigators concluded that no one had been stabbed and the victim suffered only minor injuries.




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