Involvapalooza showcases clubs to students


BYU students shopped around for clubs and organizations at BYUSA’s Involvapalooza event on Friday. More than 80 clubs and organizations set up booths to share more about themselves with the student body.

Brigham Young University
The Brazilian Capoeira Club reached out to students at Involvapalooza on Sept. 18, 2015. BYUSA hosts Involvapalooza every semester. (Brigham Young University)

Involvapalooza is a BYUSA event that occurs every semester to help students become involved on campus.

Dillon Ostlund, executive director of recruiting, said Involvapalooza is designed to help people find where they fit best on campus.

“It’s a showcase of all the different clubs and organizations on campus,” Ostlund said.

Heather Richardson, executive director over placement, said students seemed to really enjoy themselves at this semester’s event.

“You can tell that people are stopping and going from booth to booth,” Richardson said. “Involvapalooza is the one event where students can come and see everything at the same time.”

The Women’s Services booth handed out free T-shirts to students, while the BYU Breakers danced to stop passersby and entertain the crowd.

Two students look at a booth at the Involvapalooza event. This semester's event took place on Sept. 18, 2015. (Brigham Young University)
Students look at a booth at the Involvapalooza event. This semester’s event took place on Sept. 18, 2015. (Brigham Young University)

Elizabeth Hitchcock, a manufacturing engineering technology major, came to Involvapalooza to help out at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ booth. She said she enjoyed looking around at the other booths and learning more about on-campus entities.

“I like Involvapalooza because you get to see what’s going on,” Hitchcock said. “You get a little taste of lots of different things you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.”

Hitchcock said she thinks clubs can play an important role in the college experience.

“You load yourself up with 16 or 17 credits that almost completely destroy your social life,” Hitchcock said. “Clubs can give you a break from school.”

BYU is home to special interest clubs, academic clubs and organizations. BYUSA is home to most of the special interest clubs, while colleges and on-campus services organize many of the other groups.

Students can learn more about clubs and organizations by visiting the BYUSA office in the Wilkinson Student Center or the website at BYUSA also holds clubs night every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Wilkinson Student Center.

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