BYU women’s volleyball team twins discuss their sister bond


The Haddock twins share the same room, class schedule and hopes and fears for the future. While some people in this situation might get sick of each other, the Haddock twins aren’t like most people. They are even on the same volleyball team.

The Haddock twins pose for their senior pictures. Lyndie, left, and Lacy, right, play as setter and outside hitter on the BYU women's volleyball team. (Photo courtesy from Lacy Haddock)
The Haddock twins pose for their senior pictures. Lyndie, left, and Lacy play as setter and outside hitter on the BYU women’s volleyball team. (Lacy Haddock)

Lacy and Lyndie Haddock are newcomers and freshmen to the BYU women’s volleyball team ready to make their mark at the school they always hoped to attend. Lacy plays as an outside hitter and Lyndie plays as a setter for the Cougars.

“We always wanted to go to BYU,” Lacy said. “It was always a dream we had.”

The twins are recent graduates from Timpview High School in Provo, where they played on the volleyball and basketball teams. They twins started learning volleyball from a young age primarily from their older sister and former BYU women’s volleyball player Tambre Nobles. Tambre, who is four years older than the twins, started playing volleyball in sixth grade and was eager to share what she was learning with her younger sisters.

“My sister would come home and teach us what she learned at practice,” Lacy said.

The Haddock twins said they remember their older sister taking them to the backyard where they practiced passing, setting and hitting. The three young girls would pepper for hours and their love of the sport grew.

“We’ve just been around volleyball our whole lives,” Lyndie said. “You learn a lot from playing, but you also learn a lot from watching and we grew up watching Tambre play.”

Tambre played for BYU in 2013 and 2014. She played as an outside hitter and was a vital asset to the team, especially in kills and blocks. Tambre made good memories and life-long friends during her time with the Cougars. She said she looks forward to her sisters having similar experiences.

“It’s different that I’m not a part of it anymore,” Tambre said. “But I’m excited for my sisters to be a part of a team, especially BYU, because they are a great team.”

The Haddock sisters after a volleyball game. Older sister, Tambre, (middle) is a former BYU athlete. Now her younger twin sisters, Lacy (right) and Lyndie (left), are new players on the BYU women's volleyball team. (Photo courtesy of Tambre Nobles)
The Haddock sisters after a volleyball game. Older sister, Tambre, middle, is a former BYU athlete. Now her younger twin sisters, Lacy, right, and Lyndie are new freshmen and athletes at BYU. (Tambre Nobles)

But the Haddock twins do not feel like they are playing in their older sister’s shadow. These newcomers are ready to work and prove themselves. They have already received recognition and praise for their hard work and athleticism.

Lacy was named 2014 Timpview Outstanding Girl Athlete of the Year and 2014 Region 8 Most Valuable Player. Lyndie was named 2014 Timpview Defensive Player of the Year and made the 2013 and 2014 First-Team All-Region teams. These are just a handful of their several achievements.

Lacy and Lyndie are eager to start their new journey as BYU freshmen and athletes together. The girls could rattle off a list of positives of playing on the same team, but they struggled to think of a single negative aspect of being teammates.

“If she’s having a rough time, I can just go up to her and tell her to just quit it,” Lacy said. “I can’t do that with every player, but I can with her because she’s my sister.”

The Haddock twins practice, compete, study, sleep, work and learn together. These sisters are ready to support each other and help each other succeed. They hope to grow into stronger and better athletes — with some laughs along the way.

“Our coaches get us mixed up all the time,” Lyndie said. “They’ll tell me, ‘Go pass’ and I’ll say, ‘I’m not a passer.’ Then they’ll say, ‘Wait, where’s Lacy?’ and look around. It’s pretty funny.”

Tambre has watched her younger sisters grow from little girls playing in the backyard to young women full of potential and promise. The Haddock twins worked hard to get to where they are at and always sought advice for ways to improve. It wasn’t just their natural talent and abilities that got them onto the BYU women’s volleyball team; it was their drive and determination to succeed.

Now that they are playing for BYU, the twins know they need to push and practice even harder and they are happy and anxious to do so.

“If you work hard, your hard work will pay off,” Lacy said.

Natural talent. Hard work. Sisterly love and support. That seems to be what the Haddock sisters are all about and they are ready to take on BYU for the next four years together.

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