Two arrested in stabbing of man at Provo shopping mall


A man accused of stabbing another man multiple times inside a Provo shopping mall has been arrested.

The Daily Herald in Provo said Sunday that police have booked Dennis Wing with suspicion of attempted murder. He also faces a count of possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility.

They also arrested Ambri Cazier on suspicion of obstruction of justice and theft.

Provo police say a man had been stabbed six times in the back of the neck Friday in an employee area of the mall. He has since been released from a hospital.

According to police, the victim and the suspect got into an argument involving a monetary debt and narcotics.

Investigators then identified Wing and Cazier, of Nephi, and took them into custody.

Dennis Wing (Provo Police Department Facebook Page)
Dennis Wing (Provo Police Department Facebook Page)
Ambri Cazier (Provo Police Department Facebook Page)
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