Children’s Book Quiz: Name the book based on the minimalist design

“Goodnight Moon,” as depicted by BYU graduate Jane Tanner, who wants to excited reading in children and remind adults of the classic stories they once read. (Jane Tanner)

Goodnight Moon. The Lorax. Green Eggs and Ham. The Little Engine That Could. Are You My Mother?

Jane Tanner is one of six BYU graduates who created 100 minimalist posters representing classic children’s book in an effort to excite children about reading.

The team’s project is called Bookroo, and their initiative launches Monday, Sept. 21 with an interactive quiz to test people’s knowledge on book titles.

The quiz has three different levels, with the challenge growing as users progress. Type the answer into the box below the poster to move forward in the quiz.

Sixty of these posters will go live on Sept. 21, after which the team will release one a week for the next several months via an email list.

A poster created by BYU graduate Jane Tanner, depicting the children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” (Jane Tanner)

“Our goal for these posters is to help people remember how wonderful children’s books are,” Tanner said. “We hope that these posters will spark the memories many of us have of reading these books when we were little and that we’ll be inspired to re-visit them.”

Bookroo’s mission is to help create lifelong readers by making reading exciting for children and affordable and convenient for parents. The group offers monthly book deliveries of well-known children’s books.
Tanner and her husband created the posters, and she said as they chose which books to include, they were reminded “of old favorites we had forgotten about, but we also discovered some new classics we hadn’t been aware of.”
BYU student Rebecca Tanner said for some, reading can start to feel like a chore, and Bookroo is trying to raise awareness about the importance of lifelong reading.
“For most of us, reading started with children’s books,” Tanner said. “Parents, older siblings or babysitters guided our hands along the pages, and, over time, we learned how to shape words and sounds from what we saw. The books opened our world to new colors and shapes, and eventually even new feelings and ideas. We want children and parents to see reading as a gift, a treat to be enjoyed each day.”
Tanner said Bookroo believes that students and others will enjoy stepping back for a moment to remember favorite childhood books — books that inspired creativity, questions and adventures.
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