BYU named 11th best college for pregnant or parenting students



BYU has been listed as America’s 11th best college for pregnant or parenting students across America in an article recently published by Students For Life Of America.

Mother’s rooms, health care programs and scholarships were some of the criteria the organization looked for when rating the different colleges. Students For Life of America is a pro-life organization that encourages parent-friendly campuses that aid new parents as they continue their education. The organization recently published some research they had done to find the campuses across America most suited for students with young children. Other criteria included:

-School programs for pregnant and/or parenting students

-Policies that specifically welcome and accept pregnant and parenting students

-Scholarships available for pregnant/parenting Students

-Housing available for students with dependents

-Additional resources such as lactation rooms, diaper decks, child care for students’ children, etc.

BYU was highly ranked for availability of mother’s lounges. Lounges and diaper changing decks are readily available throughout BYU campus, something rarely found at other universities.

Amy Smith, a BYU graduate who frequents campus as a hall advisor and whose husband currently attends BYU, said she greatly appreciates all the mother’s rooms across campus. She also said she rarely has to open a door for herself when pushing a stroller and is very thankful for the kindness that is displayed around the BYU campus.

Cara Wade
Infographic showing what the best parenting-friendly schools in the country offer.

“I would like to see what’s better about the universities that got 1 through 10 though,” Smith said.

The College of St. Mary was rated No. 1 by Students For Life Of America. They have a large program dedicated to helping out single mothers and provide on-campus housing, daycares, free laundry and free meal plans for kids.

BYU offers scholarships to single parents in need of money. The single parent or nontraditional scholarship is available to single parents with one or more dependent children in the home.

Another factor boosting BYU to No. 11 is their health care plan. BYU offers maternity care and options to add children onto health care plans.

Aaron Sainsbury, a master’s student at BYU, said he and his wife love the BYU Student Health Plan, and it is actually the reason why his wife is currently attending BYU.

“She could have graduated a year ago. But she takes one class a semester so that we can stay on the BYU health plan,” Sainsbury said. “It’s a pretty good health plan for maternity and for little kids as well.”

His wife along with their two children ages two and five months are covered by the plan.

Only one spouse needs to be attending BYU in order to be eligible for the plan and they may include any eligible children under the age of 26 onto their plan.

Bradley LeBaron, administrative director at the Student Health Center, said there are some great benefits for pregnant women or parents that are available in the BYU Student Health Plan.

“We have two pediatricians who work here and a bunch of family practice doctors that have great bedside manner to deal with kids,” LeBaron said of the options for children.

More information on the BYU Student Health Plan can be found online.

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