Classes on dealing with pornography are plentiful at Education Week

Many different Education Week classes featured pornography addiction this year.

Several of this year’s Education Week speakers decided to speak about pornography, after realizing that it wasn’t covered during last year’s event.

Three different classes on the subject are scheduled in addition to the focus it received Monday during the day-long Addiction Symposium as part of Education Week.

Speakers said the topic needs to be addressed because of the increasing prevalence of pornography and sex addiction in society.

Adam Moore, a licensed family and marriage therapist, said he will take a holistic approach on the issue.

Though pornography is an uncomfortable topic, Moore said the conversations are always full of hope.

“A lot of my presentation attendees will tell me after, ‘I walked away feeling hopeful,’” said Moore, who has treated sex and pornography addicts for five years. “It’s going to be the most enjoyable, positive conversation you will ever have about something that is so deadly.”

Gail Poyner and Kristen A Jenson will discuss how to protect children from pornography.

“[Pornography] is a pandemic. This is everywhere all throughout the world. It’s changing how children and others see sexuality, and it’s changing social skills,” Poyner said.

They hope to empower parents and children. “We need to take pornography out of the dark where it has power and into the light where our children have power,” Jenson said.

Benjamin Erwin will discuss how to safeguard families against the influence of pornography.

“A lot of our current focus in the church is how to help those who are currently struggling with this issue,” Erwin said. “However, I feel that in the long run what is even more important is preventing this issue that is plaguing future generations.”


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