CVX Live YouTube Convention attracts fans in Orem

Kid History answer questions at a panel during last years CVX Live YouTube convention.
“Kid History” creators answer questions at a panel during last year’s CVX Live YouTube Convention.

The CVX Live YouTube Convention brings YouTube fans together on Aug. 7 and 8 as more than 29 channel producers come to perform and meet their fans.

The event is located at the UCCU Center at UVU in Orem and will feature performers from across the state and bordering states, including Studio C.

Channel Bored Shorts TV has put the event together after doing 10 live events in three different states previously.

Brett Roberts, from Bored Shorts TV, said this time they decided to have the event on a much larger scale with a lot of other YouTubers.

“We have a lot of really fun talent coming to this event. It will be a big huge party,” Roberts said.

They are expecting around 20,000 attendees over a two-day period that will participate in meet and greets, question and answer sessions and watch live performances.

“We want them to be able to get some one-on-one time with their favorite YouTubers as well as be entertained on the main stage with the live performances,” Roberts said. “Also there will be premieres of new videos.”

Studio C will be performing an hour-long live performance, and Bored Shorts TV will premiere “Kid History 11.”

“We haven’t released a new ‘Kid History’ in a while, so it will be fun to release it here,” Roberts said. “It is a whole different experience watching a video online by yourself than it is viewing a new video with a group of people.”

Another thing Roberts said they are excited about is helping people find new favorite channels. Working with Lemons is one of those channels that is excited to receive more popularity through this event.

The Working with Lemons channel features a family that has come together to remake the popular “Frozen” songs into real life.

The director of Working with Lemons, Robbie Bagley, said they were excited to be invited to participate.

“Bored Shorts TV reached out to us because they are running it, or it was their idea and we agreed to be one of the YouTubers there,” Bagley said.

Actor Camrey Fox, from Working with Lemons, said they are thrilled to release their new video while there.

“I know we’re doing a short performance, and then we’re meeting and greeting fans, and we’re releasing our new video,” Fox said.

The Next Big YouTuber competition will also entertain attendees. Roberts said about 115 entries have been submitted for an opportunity to become more popular and to receive some great prizes.

“On Friday night we will pick the top five that will be featured on the main stage in prime time and will also receive some TV time on ABC 4. The winner will be heavily promoted, get collaborations with established channels and get a lot of social media play,” Roberts said. “There will also be other great prizes, including possibly cruise tickets and a camera starter kit for YouTube. It will be the ‘American Idol’ of YouTube.”

Bored Shorts TV says this event is something they will continue to do in Utah but also go to other locations as well.

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