First annual Timpanogos Music Festival will feature in Orem

VanLdayLove is one of the bands that will perform at the first Timpanogas Music Festival, along with 30 other local bands.
VanLadyLove is one of the bands that will perform at the first Timpanogos Music Festival, along with 30 other local bands.

Thirty local bands, 10 food trucks and, according to Facebook, more than 5,000 people are coming.

The first annual Timpanogos Music Festival is being hosted by the Utah Music Association and taking place Saturday, July 25, at Mt. Timpanogos Park in Orem from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The festival is ideal for BYU students looking for a fun weekend because it’s free. It is an event focused on good music, wholesome family activities and an outdoor experience with Provo Canyon.

Tyler Monks, founder of the Utah Music Association and executive director of the festival, said, “It really felt like Utah needed some kind of big local music festival,” so he took on the task of planning and creating one.

“We met with the mayor of Orem, and we were awarded some funds from the Orem City CARE program,” Monks said. The CARE (Cultural Arts and Recreation Enrichment) program is the main sponsor for the event, making Monks’ plans possible.

The Utah Music Association has worked to create a festival to support the local music industry professionals and give them opportunity for exposure. Monks created the event in hopes “that it would hopefully go on indefinitely.”

Steele Saldutti, bassist and synthesizer from VanLadyLove, one of the bands headlining the event, said, “We’ve played all over the country, and there’s a special energy and vibe to Utah Valley, so we always come back to play.” The band is excited to showcase some new music. VanLadyLove is scheduled to play at the end of the night, according to the festival website.

With so many local bands coming together for the festival, it will be “a big Provo music family reunion,” Saldutti said.

Fernando Perez, BYU student and local music lover, has already seen some of the featured bands, including VanLadyLove. When he first found out about the festival he thought it would be cool to go to something that big. “It’s like the Provo Rooftop Series, but bigger,” he said. The live music is why he wants to go, and he’s excited to see multiple bands live, including Red Yeti and Foreign Figures.

Guests are strongly encouraged to bike, walk or carpool because of limited parking available. Other activities at the festival include multiple food trucks, a rock climbing wall and face painting.

To plan a schedule and get directions to the festival, go to

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