Best views on the BYU campus

Ari Davis
President Kevin Worthen’s view from his office.

With the Wasatch Mountains to the east and Utah Lake to the west, it’s no wonder some of the best views of Provo can be found from the offices on the BYU campus.

BYU President Kevin Worthen, D-346 ASB — “I love the view I have of Mount Timpanogos. It is the first thing I see when I arrive in the office each morning, which starts the day off right. When I view the beauty that surrounds us, I feel blessed to be at BYU. As seasons change and the vegetation and colors transform, it reminds me that we can be enlightened, uplifted and changed during this season of our lives.”

Robert Freeman, associate dean of Religion, 370C JSB — “I love that I have the sun in the morning and a shady feeling in the afternoon during this time of year. And of course the Y view’s not bad.”

Robin Shumway, administrative assistant to dean, College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, 990B SWKT — “I love the sunsets that I can see from my window. I watched some awesome lightning and thunderstorms in May. I love seeing the people on campus and the trees that are just along the campus road. When the trees change color in the fall … oh my gosh, it’s just so beautiful! Summer and fall for sure are my favorite times during the year — it’s just so colorful. I don’t know how I got this lucky to have this view!”

Ari Davis
Colleen Johnson loves her view more when students are bustling across campus.

Colleen Johnson, executive secretary of Planning and Assessment, C-327 ASB — “I love looking out there and seeing the students. Summer is actually my least favorite time of year because it’s so quiet. I love the busyness when fall starts again. Fall and winter semester are my favorite — I love the students mingling.”

Ed Adams, dean of Fine Arts & Communications, 360 BRMB — “Autumn is beautiful. I can see the trees lining campus drive, with the Hinckley Building tower in the background pointing toward the peaks of Timp. There have been times when I’m pondering over a difficult challenge, I lean back in my chair and look through that window and say, ‘Well Karl, what should I do now?’ It’s not just the view, but the setting. The old oak trees are just outside my office window, so from my office it looks like I’m sitting in the woods.”

Tanya Harmon, director of MPA Career Services, 442 TNRB — “I love that I can see Timpanogos. It is my favorite mountain in the valley, and I just love that my view is so open and I get so much natural light. Summer is my favorite time of year. I’m not a winter person, so I really enjoy seeing the greenery when I look out my window.”

Ari Davis
Jeff Peery’s fifth floor SWKT view looks out over the valley.

Kara Stowers, assistant professor of biochemistry, C405 BNSN — “I get to see all of Provo, which I love. This view is the best for sunsets in the evening, and I can even see the lake. Spring and summer are the best because I can see all the trees that are south of campus.”

Jeff Peery, public relations director of School of Nursing, 572 SWKT — “I can see clear to Spanish Fork as well as the mountains to the west. When I look out my window I feel like I’m not on campus because I’m surrounded by trees. As I’m working, I feel like I’m more in a seclusion of a forest. Summer and fall are great because these big maple trees sit just outside my window, and I love when they begin to change color.”

Steven Thomsen, professor of communications, 324 BRMB — “When I was first at BYU, my office was in the basement of the HFAC and I had no windows. Now I look out, and I have a view of Y Mountain and Timp. I guess you could say I got this office and this view because I outlasted everybody. Good things come to those who wait!”


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