Weekly Hashtag: #TeensTakeBYU


It’s the first day of summer term at BYU, which means it’s the first day of classes for many freshmen, since most high schools are still in session during spring term. Summer term attracts new students because of its light class load, its small class sizes and its social atmosphere. Summer term for upperclassmen means that the 18-year-olds are back and the herds of EFY kids are roving campus.

Summer is a delicate balance between the new freshmen and EFY kids and the hardened older students. The younger crowd is excited to explore campus, but the older crowd is territorial of “their” home. Whether you’re a brand-new freshman or about to graduate, you probably have a story, or at least an opinion, about the new dynamic.

Share your anecdotes about run-ins with freshmen, EFY kids or sports camp attendees using the hashtag #TeensTakeBYU. If you are a freshman, EFY kid or sports camp attendee, what’s been your favorite part about spending time on a college campus?

Welcome to BYU!


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